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GOLDVEIN999 V 2.0 PROFITABLE forex system

Trading Account Opened in InstaFofex
Trade with screenshot on 15.08.2013 23.08.2013 Profit for 7 days $ 1437.59.
For details on this, see here.

Trading Account Opened in Forex4you
Trade with screenshot on 20.08.2013 08.22.2013 Profit for $ 598.05 3 days.
For details on this, see here.

Video buying pound dollar
Video sale euro dollar
Video selling gold

Trading system is designed for 109 currency pairs and provides an excellent opportunity to get a good profit every day in any forex market fluctuations. Results of the system are simply amazing, high accuracy signals and losses minimized. Beginners and advanced traders can easily make and fulfill your dreams. All trading rules are simple. If you observe them - you are guaranteed a profit.


You are only required to open orders accurately on all system signals "GOLDVEIN999-V2.0" and advisor he will do everything for you. Expose Stop Loss and Take-Profit, translate orders to breakeven. Sound alerts tell you what is happening with orders. Also present in the system new development TRAILING STOPA, which will lend a warrant and secure the maximum profit. TRAILING STOP has multiple layers of protection for fixing profits. Inform sound alerts when the order goes to a new level of profit-taking.

In Russian, you will hear the voice of the support system that will alert you when to buy or sell currency pairs, set in exchange terminal. Voice support will help you avoid mistakes, spending buy or sell. Each currency pair has its own signals. For example: Warning! Medium-term purchase on the "currency" pair Euro - Dollar. Attention! Crossing moving to buy at the "currency" pair Euro - Dollar. Attention! Overbought - 0% on "currency" pair Euro - Dollar. Attention! Recorded that will soon change TREND for purchase on the "currency" pair Euro - Dollar and etc. This allows you to save time and not sit for days waiting near the monitor signal, simply turn on loud speakers and mind your own business.
If you have opened and established a trading system "GOLDVEIN999 V2.0" for 2 - 5 - 8 currency pairs and trading on one of them, the sound alerts tell you when to buy or sell the other currency pairs. Can optionally open orders for these currency pairs.

Furthermore sound alerts, have written many other signals that will alert you to buy or sell currency pairs.
In the system there are two types of template, for example: 1 template is used for audio alerts. When the indicators built 6 timeframes to buy or sell - there is a set of audio alerts. The template 2 - audible alarms occur when the indicators built 6 timeframes for the purchase or sale - single sound alert occurs every time when building 6 timeframes.

Additional Information: In the trade involved 109 currency pairs enumeration: (U.S. Dollar. Australian Dollar. Canadian dollar. Swiss franc. Euro. Pound. New Zealand dollar. Japanese Yen. Danish krone. Norwegian krone. Swedish krona. South African rand. Czech koruna. Hong Kong dollar. Hungarian forint. Mexican peso. Polish zloty. Singapore dollar.

Indicators 109 exchange control par in real time.
It not only gives an overview of the current situation with currencies, but also details of how they change in the short term. Power rates estimated from 0 to 100, and is calculated with the participation of all 109 currency pairs. Ie when, for example, you see a strong and a weak EUR USD, it means that strong against the currencies EUR USD. Analyzing each currency, you can choose the best pair to trade. Just make pairs, which include the strongest and the weakest signals. The system determines the support and resistance lines. Maximum or minimum price determined beep. Automatic determination of the spread and the world time leading exchanges (Auckland, Sydney, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, London, New York, Seattle). Determination of non-standard channel support and resistance levels. For example: if a standard channel, the price goes outside of the channel, then no standard - continues to define support and resistance and trend direction. Determination of overbought and oversold. Predicting future candles. Opening price. How many points per day the price went. How many points has passed for the current price schedule.

Trading system "GOLDVEIN999 V2.0" for accounts with a leverage of 1:100 - 1:1000. Timeframe you choose yourself: (M30 - H1 - H4 - D1), where you will be comfortable trading. Minimum deposit from 100 - $ 130. Minimum lot size of 0.01. Minimum spread of 0.3. In this system warrants opened manually according to signals issued by the system.

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our trading system, using it in the forex market.
Dissemination of this strategy, in whole or in part "forbidden" and is punishable by law. After purchasing the system be sure to check the instruction and practice on "Dema" account.

This product is a RAR archive volume ~ 347072.83 Kbytes.
After payment you will receive an archive containing:

1. The necessary set of 21 indicators (compiled in the format *. Ex4).
2. Set of 1199 required format signals WAV.
3. 6 ready template file (profile) system for gold, silver and currencies.
4. 2 Councillor - GOLDVEIN999V2.0, TRALINGSTOPV2.0.
5. E-book with instructions for installing the system and tracking signals in PDF.

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