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The foreign exchange market to 2012

Foreign exchange market 2012 has its own characteristics. Knowing them, it is much easier to manage assets, trading on Forex, and more. What is prog oz on leading world currencies? Let us look at the underlying trends on world markets this year. It is possible that many of them will be relevant and in the year 2013.

The European factor

The dominance of the European perspective on the global markets continues. The eurozone's debt problems continue to put pressure on the European currency, reducing its costs and increasing sales of EUR/USD currency pair as the most popular among the players. So it was literally until August 2011, after which the European currency has shown good growth, after fighting off a strong level of support.
What will happen with the EU? How to quickly resolve the debt problems of countries of PIGS? How will the euro against the dollar will be strengthened and United States of insecure? All these questions remain open at this time. Is the overall high volatility on the foreign exchange market, and you can assume with high confidence that global markets had polihoradit. You need to be ready for anything, especially in the next wave of the global economic crisis. Here everything is determined by fundamental factors, as well as the reaction of the crowd at the market.

Switzerland and Norway

There are rumors about the release of Norway's own currency, which will have the advantage in stability, compared with the dollar and the euro. So far this is only a rumor, but it is necessary to consider and this scenario.
The Swiss franc is stable enough and is a significant part of the portfolio of large investors and various funds.

British pound

Despite the recession the UK economy (GDP decline), the British pound continued to acquire large investors who buy "hard" currency and who wish to diversify their investments.

Long term pound moves in price corridor that allows Forex trader to make a profit with otbitii support and resistance levels.

The American dollar

Just the other day, United States again conducted a quantitative easing, by releasing to the market another portion is not secured "green Presidents". This led to active buying of precious metals and other leading currencies. In General, the dollar is not bad and not going to take the position, not the obvious problems in motrya United States (a growing external debt, etc.). Buy or sell USD-is unknown. In the short term, it is desirable to search for entry points on your purchase.

But many analysts agree that the presence of United States debt is a secondary factor, and initially the real alternative to the u.s. dollar. Look forward to further developments.

Australian dollar

This week's big news was released by the Reserve Bank of Australia (the National Bank). The interest rate was increased by 0.25%, which would have a negative impact on the cost of AUD.

For the long-term traders and investors is the perfect moment to increase the number of "Australians" in its basket, buying the AUD at a lower price. Don't forget that buying the Australian dollar, you can receive a dividend in the form of positive swap (works fine when trading through a broker Forex4you, GBP/AUD, EUR/AUD).

Many analysts believe that the Australian dollar will literally in the next month or two, as has already happened in the first half of 2012, so do not miss the opportunity to buy the AUD at a lower price.

Japanese and Chinese currency

The yen and the Yuan slowly but surely show a rise. Smart Chinese continue to increase foreign exchange reserves of the country, growth of the economy, import, Japan, etc., despite the territorial conflict with China on a pair of Islands, it is surely strengthening its currency, while developing the economy.
In General, you can safely buy positionally yen and Yuan, dobiraâ on Pullbacks.

Gold, silver, oil

Thanks to the world's central banks ' monetary policy, buying precious metals, as well as a host of other factors, the price of gold and silver is steadily growing in the last couple of months after reducing prices in the first half of 2011.

Oil has been and remains a stumbling block in the Middle East. You can expect a fight between countries for "Ĩernoë gold" with his rise.

Sum it up

Foreign exchange market-2012 has been labeled a "guise", which anticipated the most prominent analysts. Volatility and unpredictability are the main "chips" of the year. Most likely, so it will be in 2013.

Economic recovery is a long process, but it seems that the steps were made by lead countries. Forex traders only need to monitor economic performance and, based on fundamental analysis, use their strategies in technical terms.

Positional, large investors likely and so it will earn, even at the expense of increasing the price of gold and silver.

Accurate forecasts are unknown to the masses. Current foreign currency market is constantly changing, reacting to the news, economic indicators and to reflect the mood of the crowd. Only this can be said for sure. Still, the currency market can bring a decent profit if you trade strategy with understanding and taking into account the fundamental factors.

Favorable trend and remember that the profitability of trade greatly depends on your chosen broker!

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