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Profitable Forex trading

Forex trading can be both profitable and unprofitable. Everybody wants to trade profitably, but not all adhere to "recipe for success". The secret to successful trading is simple-persistence in achieving objectives, continuous training and work on oneself. In this article we look at the behavior step by step trader-from beginner to professional, typical beginner mistakes and ways to improve your trading.

The relevance of Forex trading

I think everyone would like to earn decent money, house sitting at the computer and spending on it is no more than an hour or several hours a day. All this is possible, if you are a Forex trader. The trader's profit may reach several hundred dollars from one transaction, depending on the size of the deposit, the amount of the transaction and the aggressiveness of the trade. Another issue that not many successful traders-on statistics, less than 5%.

The truth is that many are trying yourself in trading, spend months and years but do not achieve sustainable results. Profit more often is short-lived, insignificant, and trading for long periods of time, the trader loses money. So is it possible to earn money on Forex is stable?

Oddly enough, Yes. There are 2 ways of trading in plus-do (trade) that make all or select the original path.

Forex trading-start!

Something like this is a complete newbie to Forex trading:
1. starts reading a book on trading. Generally, do not do─Źityvaet to the end, because it gets too boring, if the book has a dry presentation, or the trader simply lack perseverance.

2. written on online courses, but the webinars does not go, a glimpse of the scans in a record ("I know this, and this, too, let us continue").

3. download the huge amount of information-all videos, superstrategii, trading robots, etc.

4. making money on deposit, which successfully plays in a couple of days or weeks. Sometimes WINS, but then still "merges" in depots.

In the end, the beginning trader forms a "mess" of the information received, trader understands that currency trading is a very complex process and goes from trading to "try their luck" after a while.

How does the "correct" trader?

1. reading a popular book on trading. Parses examples, looking similar to a real market in the Terminal MT4. Outlines and writes important thoughts and ideas. The book reads, sometimes repeatedly referring to individual chapters.

2. is online or offline training on trading. Practiced on a demo account and then transfer to real (cent account).

3. clear filters information. Downloads and reads only the most necessary things, not everything.

4. making large amounts only when tested on cent the Bill with a small deposit of its trading system.
As you can see, the differences are significant and radical. Let us learn from the "right" of the trader.

Positional Trade Forex

Trading position, the trader may deduct the transaction from a few days to weeks, and sometimes months. Positional trade is convenient that takes a minimum of time and uses the long-term trends that are more stable in comparison with trends, say the H1 or H4. Positional trade is also less nerves compared to more aggressive ways of trading.

Positional trade need a big deposit. Today is not the problem: cent accounts from the broker Review, including accounts without swaps, and minimal lot 0.01 pozicionnu allow the use in trade of even the minimum amount on the balance sheet from $ 100.

Intraday Forex trading (intra-day)

Most traders using the right type of trade. All you need is to find a trend (price channel, etc) and follow the news. Trading with the trend, on the news, Pullbacks, otbitii from the Canal walls, etc. It is a question that everyone must answer for himself. Intraday trading on average more profitable than positional, of the greater number of transactions and their substantial volume. Positional trade volumes will be in less of a good profit is possible only in case of a strong trend movement.

Aggressive scalping Forex trading

Scalpers are the most aggressive traders. Hundreds of deals for the trading session-that looks like their Forex trading. For scalping needed nerves, great experience and exposure time. Probably the most profitable way of trading, but also the most risky.

The Conclusions Of The
Learn technical analysis. Learn from successful traders (e.g., Stanislaw Polovickogo, Alexei Loboda or Vladislav Gilkey). Keep a diary and to analyze their trade. Put the target and go to it. The only way you will become one of the most successful traders.

When you earn your first money on Forex, you ensure that mental labor really well paid. Good luck to you!

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