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How to become a trader in the Forex market?

Many beginners currency speculators interested in the question, How to become a trader. But not just a successful trader, earning decent trader currency trading or a friend of MI. A man who not only has a tidy sum on his deposit, but also regularly makes a profit on this account. A man who understands the intricacies of trading, feels the market and sees its future perfect and secured.

Of course, the smart trader always diversify their risks, regularly bringing profit and investing it in various financial instruments, not just spending on their own needs. The latter have the profitability is usually not so much, how does the Forex market, but don't be afraid to force majeure, providing trader growing passive income.

But now it's not so much about financial planning, and how to become a trader. Let's take the first steps to successful trading.

Simple but effective!

1. Take a firm decision that you will sooner or later will consistently earn Forex. No doubt or worry. If there are people who are successful traders can and you.

2. make a plan. Read at least 1 book on trading, with a good set of technical analysis. Open a demo account and disassemble all the shapes and patterns on the real line. EUR/USD or any other-choose the one that you like.

3. learning the basics of trading, start working on creating its own trading system (TS). You can use a ready-made (someone else 's), but you have to understand how everything works. Maybe some will have to adjust the VEHICLE's options "under itself".

Reflecting on the VEHICLE, looking for patterns that work. Just put the indicator and follow the signals are weak.

4. creating a VEHICLE, test it on a demo account and the history of at least 2 or 3 years. If the strategy showed a profit and you are satisfied with the result, consider creating an expert advisor on your strategy. A robot can be programmers, working with the programming language MQL4. They often are practicing traders, so to find a common language with a colleague will be a snap.

5. expand your horizons. The market changes over time. If you're not ready for this, the udete lose money.

How to choose the tactics and strategy for trading?

If you are a novice trader, take a look at the long term (positional) and intraday trading. If you have experience-try scalping, test expert advisors. Your style of trading must be appropriate to you as an individual. Indeed, some say: "trader, know thyself!"

Important tips

1. resist the doubts and pessimism. If something goes wrong, the strategy is not working and the mind refuses to work and relax. The market will be tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. After the holidays, with fresh thoughts you rather decide to isolate the problem.

2. listen to the your way (successful traders). Exclude the whiners, pessimists, who talks a lot but does nothing and so it is important that you set a goal and go for it.

3. be aware of other important aspects of your life. Health, family, personal characteristics and growth-all of these are important. While holding the "State of law" in all spheres of its life, it is easier to develop one (for example, trading). If you have problems at home, for example, the constant noise in the apartment or excitement about the loan, provide clarity and make rational decisions on the Exchange you will be problematic.

4. don't count on the support of family and friends. Despite the view that these people must support your good initiatives, i.e. trading, chances are you'll hear the most controversial. To the point that you igrozavisimyj and a sick man, and still nobody on the Forex is not earned. Do not give in to their negative effects. First, most of our friends do not know what you know about Sorose, Wall Street successful traders, etc. Second, a man so that he does not like to leave their "comfort zone". It is unpleasant, if someone "pops out" If another successful, etc.

So start earning their first 300-500 dollars a month with trading, and you will have a bezrali─Źno view of others. We are so arranged that subconsciously looking for support and praise from others, but get them only occasionally.

When you earn 500 or 1000 dollars is your "well-wishers" would have no alternative but to stay silent in a piece of cloth.

"How to become a trader?" -issue with a simple tvetom. "Make a plan and follow it!" But do you have enough strength and patience to get to the top? It is up to you and remember that the profitability of trade is highly dependent on your chosen broker!

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