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Stages of the development of foreign exchange market

Why the trader to know the stages of development of the foreign exchange market? In order to better understand how it works-knowing the history, you can predict the further development of the Forex market and other financial markets, see new perspectives. The trader also learns to better understand the logic of action of other large players (banks, funds, etc.), so it can analyse the causes of those or other financial instruments, better owns fundamental analysis, etc.

First money and Exchange

The historians suppose that the first metal money (coins) have been established in ancient Egypt and in the middle ages, money exchange, loan sharks and Development flourished sailing program, international trade and the desire to earn more stimulated the activity of Italian money changers. As you can see, the speculation had already been quite popular. Foreign exchange market gradually began to acquire a more clean-cut. Today, the Internet has brought the exchange of money to a whole new level, allowing you to trade from home or Office.

Development of the foreign exchange market is the starting point

Initially, the exchange rates were fixed: for the United States dollar could buy a certain amount of RMB etc Later course each currency was determined by the number of gold, has been the country's gold reserves. Later, the world economy has moved to a floating exchange rate, which allowed traders (dealers, currency speculators) make a difference of Exchange.

Traditionally the date of "birth" monetary exchange believe 1971 year when fixed exchange rates were lifted in different countries (States). A Forex (Foreign Exchange market-FOREX, foreign exchange market) where you can earn money by buying currency cheaper and selling it after the rising.

Later, some financiers of major countries have attempted to revive the previous system with fixed rates, but without success. Over the next 10-20 years Forex has increased significantly, increased trade volumes (and continues to build) and transformed by technology, primarily the Internet.
By the way, instead of the previously used the German mark euro.

The realities of the Forex trading today

A day in the Forex market is more than 4-5 trillion United States dollars. In this market, speculating big funds, banks, investors, as well as many private traders with small deposits (up to $ 10,000). Private traders the most numerous group, but has minimal impact on the market because it operates with small sums compared to any major bank, for example.

The players (market participants) may differ. If a bank wants to simply exchange the dollar to the euro or the British pound, the Swiss franc on the private trader in the first place is to profit from the Exchange.

Also banks and funds have their own analytical departments whose duties include analysis of the current market situation and favorable currency exchange.

Prospects for the development of foreign exchange market

The profession of currency trader is becoming more popular. Every day more and more people of different ages, sex and profession wants to learn how to make money with your mind. The new profession is lets do it in the shortest possible time. Yes, you have to push themselves to the Max, acquiring new knowledge and teaching himself how to demo and cent accounts. But the effort and time invested pays off at times-as soon as you get your first profit, will see that everything is real, trade will go much easier. People are tired of the chiefs, reporting and low wages. They want a decent profit, sitting at home or in the Office, at times.

The flip side of the coin is the passion, greed and lack of stable to learn. Many lack the banal insistence in training, so they leave the trading after the first failure. But those who set a goal and moves towards it, sooner or later it will reach.

Now you can trade Forex currency trading, but not only gold, silver, and contracts for certain assets, etc. more

We also have audited accounts of brokers who have a good reputation in the network (Forex4you, Alpari and Company). Each broker conducts online training and provides the necessary information, so a trader to make their first steps in trading is simple.

Learn to earn your mind, and you will provide a steady and higher income in the future!

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