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What is Forex market?

What is the Forex market? Why he attracts so much attention from people of all ages who want to earn money on the Internet? Why every day we see more Forex advertising on TV?

Forex market attracts the seeming simplicity of the earnings. It seems that, as if by magic, a successful trader makes a couple of mouse clicks, and here they are, the coveted dollars in the account! But it is only at first glance. In the rays of glory not seen those difficult moments when disbelief and doubt after the closure of the loss-making deals too bogged down. Don't see books read and watched the video. Not seen many hours of searching and refining your system. But it was all, or successful trader not today return time after time.

Let's see, should I start my way for newbies to currency trading.

Forex: goals and beliefs

Before trading ačalom you need to know why would you trade a currency trader. What you have is a head, will determine how easy or difficult will progress toward the goal.

You must have a strong desire to become a successful trader. Sometimes you will seem to no avail, that nothing works, that it is not necessary to continue their training and practice. Do not give in to doubt. There are successful tradersearn on fluctuations in foreign exchange rates for hundreds of dollars a day. Aim for them.

If you are tired, take a break, the market was not going to go away, and that's the mentality will come to order. In General, the maintenance of good health for the trader is one of the most important tasks, along with the actual trading. Having good health, controlling your emotions and being in a good mood, trading is much easier than if you torn by doubt or you are offended because of irregularities in the nervous system.

Forex market: education and practice

Place the clear goals that are actually attainable. For example, "in September, I will read the book '"How to play and win at the stock exchange", after the shape of technical analysis on a demo account. In October I prorabatyvaû trading system for scalping, testing it on EUR/USD and GBP/USD, while profit in 10-30% a month. "

Do not forget to praise and encourage yourself. Most likely you will encounter opposition and criticism of your surroundings. But they themselves are not traders, they do not know what you know about successful traders. So take only constructive criticism.

Swing excitement. No successful trader is not a gambler. Your goal is a relaxing leisurely trading, which uses the patterns in the market. Unnecessary emotions hurt trading. Be glad you can come after you close a Terminal.

Constantly evolve, did not focus on one thing. Modern theories on the bezindikatornoj trade, PriceAction etc are worthy of your attention. Browse novelties, but not raspylâjtes′. New knowledge on trading should be used or lead you to new ideas, rather than hanging a dead weight in the subconscious.

Forex market: create our own trading system (TS)

The most important point for traders is to create your own VEHICLE. This may make only an experienced trader, has enough practice on real money. Until then, it is better to use someone else 's, but profitable strategy. In the future, you can either create something completely new, or modification of the finished VEHICLE, optimizing it to your needs and opinions.

Profitable VEHICLE is the cornerstone, the starting point for any trader. Without a specific trading algorithm cannot be stable trading in plus. The use of intuition is certainly good, but TC should always be clear.

Better, if your VEHICLE is simple. The simpler, the better. Understanding its essence will be easier to adapt to changes in the current market.

Do not use a large number of indicators, is enough 2 's or 3 's, pay attention to money management expert and entry and exit signals of a trading position.

Despite the brevity of our advice, they are effective and work. Consider the experience of practicing traders and aren't stepping on a rake for the second time.

Let your trade will be profitable, and recall that the profitability of trade is highly dependent on your chosen broker !

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