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Define forecast the euro to week

The question "what is the forecast of the euro for a week?" have a lot of traders. There are several answers: make an independent analysis of the market situation, including the review of the fundamental factors, and you can listen to the advice of expert analysts. In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and try to determine the optimal solution.

Relevance of the prediction of the exchange rate of the euro to week

The EUR/USD pair has traditionally been a favorite tool of currency traders. She often sets the tone for other currency pairs, with the United States dollar or Eurodollar. Minimum 2 point spreads, good volatility provides a EUR/USD position leader of traded instruments. Volatility of the pair is largely determined by the "struggle" of the two currencies.

All of the above suggests that even for traders not directly trading the EUR/USD pair, so know the forecast the euro to week.

Forecast of the euro for a week analyzing

In this case, the trader makes all by myself: technical analysis, analysis of fundamental factors-all of this falls on the shoulders of the trader and, therefore, the quality of the projection depends largely on personal experience and skill.

Despite the seeming simplicity of analysis and prediction, things are not so simple. Market signals can be staggered, but we are not satisfied. On the contrary, traders need a clear, consistent picture of what is happening. If something is not consistent-it is better to stay out of the market waiting for a convenient moment to enter the 5th position, or somewhere might contain an error.

Most often used for prediction day interval or H4. It is very desirable to be able to identify support and resistance levels, know basic shapes of candlestick analysis. Often use Fibonacci levels and moving averages, such as exponential. Don't get too complicate analysis and clog the schedule, it is enough simple indicators.

Forecast of the euro for the week-read analysis from the experts

Things to remember before you take a forecast from analysts:
1. many analysts themselves were not traded, therefore their advice and predictions are often more theoretical.
2. One important news may well expand the current trend or create a strong momentum for the current is therefore always consider news outlet (see. Forex economic calendar).
3. a final decision on which side of the trade is always yours.

Today it is easy to find Analytics-trader, that is practice. A good analyst always argues his analysis: will tell about the levels of support and resistance, touches of daily or weekly extremes, take out important news, etc. with each argument really realize that individual analysts-traders are eating their bread.

On the other hand, the market is the ocean. Now it is calm, the price fluctuates in a small hallway sign points is that skal′peram is a happy hunting ground. And after a couple of hours the price as if the chain breaks down, runs daily range, pierces the important level, etc. a good trader always tries to understand what moves the market, analyzing the cause, it is better to find out the consequences. So even the best analysis does not always can provide high accuracy of the forecast, which is quite normal. The experienced speculator takes into account this fact, bearing in mind that the responsibility for any prisoner deal is always on it.

The sources forecast the euro to week

Find the source of the projection is not a problem, find the source of forecasts with high confidence and argumentation is a more complex task. We take the liberty to advise you forecasts from the company Alpari. They are drawn up by traders, is given the arguments on which the trader has come to a certain conclusion, etc.

Using predictions from a good trader analyst, you can not only get better information, but also to compare your Prediction (and, accordingly, the quality of the technical and fundamental analysis) with the advice of a professional. For Free! Use this option and your level as a trader will grow.

Favorable trend!

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