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Specificity of the currency pair GBP / USD in the scope of international Forex market

Discussing the most effective financial instruments directly involved in bringing profits from the participation in the game at Forex, it is impossible to ignore the currency pair GBP / USD. GBP / USD - an abbreviation of two liquid global currencies: the U.S. dollar and the British pound. Statement of abbreviations used to denote the set of currencies GBP, USD quoted in the tables indicates the number of payments to U.S. dollars for one British pound. Especially popular financial instrument GBP / USD enjoys among European experts of the currency market, as well - as in 'the UK exchange, which takes more than 12% of the daily cash turnover throughout the volume of transactions on the Forex. Thus, the ratio of the pound against the dollar, is the third in the ranking of liquidity to financial instruments by breakeven Forex strategies.

"Currency" characteristics

GBP / USD pair has high rates of volatility and unpredictability in the structure of their behavior. In view of this market activity or fluctuations of this pair are short-term and unstable pulses on the chart, which was the basis of a financial instrument nicknamed GBP / USD - «cable."

Daily outbursts currency pair may cause oscillations up to 130 points, while in the Asian zone of low liquidity GBP / USD - to 30 positions for a period of one trading session of the day inside. That is why the vast majority of newcomers to the ranks of traders are advised to start a career speculator based on the work for this currency pair. However, merchants - professionals prefer pair GBP / USD trading relationship with EUR / USD with low volatility in the large scale participation in the financial turnover of the foreign exchange market. This circumstance is due to the usual matches trending movements pound UK and EUR / USD.

It is worth noting about the existing differences impact on price movements of euro / dollar , the pound / dollar in the perception of the market environment, the so-called "cable news." In contrast to the fairly predictable euro, pound may not respond to incoming news, rapidly falling current with seemingly stable market situation. Unpredictability in turn generates a significant difference in interest rates The pound / dollar, that does not prevent enterprising traders to choose a pair of eccentric GBP / USD to trade on swaps.

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