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Efficiency of investments on Forex

Efficiency of investments, i.e. investments in Forex trading, can be divided into investments in yourself as a trader (training) and investing in other players (asset management, pamm-account, etc) first of all, we are interested in the economic efficiency of investments, i.e. profitability.
Let's look at each option individually.

Efficiency of investments (training programs)

Depending on the size of the initial capital and, more importantly, your desire, the initial investments will be minimal or comparable with the amount of several hundred to several thousand dollars.

With zero attachments is strictly to read 1-2 books on trading, watch a training video and practise on a demo account. Don't pulverize and swallow information from several books or communicate in 2 forums. Set out a clear and specific aim, break it into stages and consistently pass them.

The most difficult part in self-teaching trading will be the absence of mentor-practitioner trader who can and support in difficult times, and steer in the right direction.

If you are willing to invest in a certain amount of money, then osvoim a base level of trading, be sure to study (preferably offline) an experienced trader (s). Such practices cannot be overstated. This is the ability to quickly back the burning question on the problem, and direct contact with a teacher, and detailed step-by-step study of the working time of the trader. In General, such training is essential and very useful. You just need to Select the right teacher.

Efficiency of investments when investing in yourself when learning trading will be maximum, but the positive results will appear immediately. After the training you will need some time to work out your trading style, learn to feel the market and trade strategy that meets your needs and circumstances.

Remember the classic experiment with "turtles" which was selected by a group of people of different gender and professions for the purpose of training a lucrative trade. They have all become successful traders. So, will succeed and you-with due diligence.

Efficiency of investments into other traders

Those who do not wish to or cannot personally in any circumstances (busy at work, in business, etc.) to trade in person, will appreciate the service of portfolio management, proposed today almost every broker. At the peak of its popularity today is service pamm investingwhen the investor invests money in managing trader. The money remains in the account of the company, and not the trader that completely exclude non-trade risks. The trader is trading solely on its deposit (equity), which means that the maximum interest in the profitability of the trade.

Company no. 1 in quality of service broker is the investment of pamm- Alpari. Detailed trade statistics available to the investor money managers, terms of trade, the starting deposit and more. Assessing the options trading, the savvy investor can distribute funds between multiple accounts, thereby to increase the efficiency of investments and reduce the risk of losing money. And rightly so-agree, it is unwise to invest the capital in aggressive trader skal′pera, if you can attach a 10-20%, and the rest divided between more conservative traders.

Investment performance-taking stock

It is obvious that the second option, i.e. investing in pamm-account, is a faster way to profit and less time consuming (no need to learn trading personally, although you need to properly collect lucrative traders). On the other hand, learning to trade the Forex market, we:

1. learn new interesting and lucrative profession
2. provide a permanent income
3. count only on yourself
4. the identify risks, aggressiveness of trade, etc.
5. constantly learn and evolve.

What to choose? If there is a capital and free time (and desire to learn new)-you can use both options (learn to trade and invest in pamm-account). If only capital-invest. If the media is bad, you will have to use the free training. Be aware that being a successful trader, you will be able to attract significant investment, so your work will pay off in vain.

In General, the efficiency of investment in Forex trading starts from 5% a month at an investment in conservative long term trading traders, up to 50-100% per month for aggressive trade (Martingale, scalping). The higher the risk, the higher profitability. Keep this in mind when you prepare a portfolio of pamm-Governors.

We wish to make your money work for you always! On Forex it is realistic.

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