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Analytics Forex: duet technical and fundamental analysis

Longstanding dispute professional market participants about what factors provoke the fundamental dynamics of market movements or technical, has created a new approach to analytics currency market - combining technical and fundamental analysis. The question "what - same analysis of priority?" No clear answer, as if the market is a natural raw materials, the main factors are the physical movement, respectively, and vice versa.

Combining basic ways trade

Put simply, the fundamental components analiza answer the question "why", while technical analysis is intended to answer "when?". By combining data on why the market is composed of a particular trend, while knowing when the market will make its reversal or break a trader receives a unique opportunity to stay abreast of market developments. Such a method of conducting a break-even trade on the Forex market analysis is called "Spread the volume."

The purpose of the combined methodology analysts and market forecasting is to install the causes of market price movements on physical commodities, currencies, stocks. Of course, the main reason for the constant fluctuations in market prices is the imbalance between demand and available supply. But who is the initiator of this imbalance? Who is behind the manipulation of the currency market value of the assets?

Market professionals

As in any large business where daily rates in the millions, if not billions of dollars have their professionals who are deeply interested in attracting permanent funds from external sources. Foreign exchange market is no exception. Experienced players speculation prudently specialize in specific financial instruments: products, gold, oil, stocks, currencies. Knowing this individual traders must always be aware of the three main variables of the currency market:

The volume of trade in a particular price bar;
The range of price bar or spread beyond price;
Volume prices for closing the bar.

These three variables allow you to accurately determine the current status of the foreign exchange market, which in turn will allow speculators to take a position to increase their investment in Forex.

Management of capital in swing trading the currency market Forex Back Organization's own concept of successful Forex trading

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