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How to play the market Forex

How to play the market Forex, learn just to visit a training course on trade in the Forex market, open a site dedicated to currency trading, or read a good book (advise Classics a. Elder "How to play and win at the stock exchange"). This will give you a general idea on Forex trading, and within an hour or two you will open its first transaction on a demo account. But here's how to play and win at the stock exchange, trading at a profit? Tips for both novice and seasoned traders read below.

How to play the market-beginner

Despite gaining popularity, Forex trade in this market, is some of the people who either do not believe in the possibility of earnings as trading on the stock exchange, or believe that the profitable trading you need to have economic education, superintuiciû and a large initial capital ($ 10,000).

In fact all the more easier. To start learning Forex currency trading, need one is desired. The practice is based on a demo account, later on cent (you can even start with 1-2 $, but better with 10-20 $). The theory can be gleaned from books or online tutorials. And here is your time and effort is cannot be replaced. Set a lofty goal of becoming a successful trader-go to it.

Types of players

Mean traders who already have decided that the Forex market is interesting to them. Conventionally, these players can be divided into 4 groups (perception):

1. players who are doubters all the harder.
Such a trader always keep open multiple pages with different analytical forecasts. On the charts he had a bunch of colorful lights, from whom it ripples in the eyes. The trader is constantly in search of new information, but ... Real bargains he makes little or not at all. So what are waiting for such a player? Perhaps The Holy Grail.

Such traders to increase self-confidence, choose a simple trading strategy and to act-you can even directly on cent the Bill with a small deposit. Acting, trader understand that between practice and theory there is a big difference, and that it is not worth the bother. Everything that works and makes a profit is simple.

2. traders who trade too easy process.
Here the role played by advertising, in which every trader to expose almost a millionaire. Yes, there are those among the traders, but not enough. Good traders don't need millions, it is enough to make 5-10% per month-and it will be restored.

Yes, there are different approaches to trading. For example, skal′pera has a high emotional stress than positional (long term) trade. But if one comes on the market unprepared, he would leave with the money. Not knowing basic things (fundamentals of technical analysis, etc.) it is difficult to trade profitably.

Conclusion: learn the basics of currency trading. Traffic, build your practice. Hone your trading system. The only way you can get a stable profit and respond to market changes.

3. online traders.
These players constantly drained their deposits. It does not help even though they quickly increase (rare, but it happens). Forex trading-a game for them to get excitement. If a player loses is the pancake, then lucky (!) the next time. If won-Hooray, I caught a lucky.

No thoughtful approach, constant learning, etc. such players do not think. Their destiny is rapidly losing money. There is only one way out-a good mentor or communicating with successful traders, changing attitudes and the constant work on themselves.

4. conscious traders.
The most persistent and dedicated group. Such players soberly assess their chances, know what they want and know how to achieve this. They are open to new information, adhere to the trade rules and work on your emotions. These players are making maximum impact on any financial market.

Summary conclusions

You have learned how to play the market correctly, i.e. profitably. Something to strive for, something to fight. But knowing is half the battle. All about redelât your actions. We sincerely wish you to be in the fourth group of traders, achieve their goals and to receive their dividends from Forex trading! It is also important to remember that the profitability of trade is highly dependent on your chosen broker !

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