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Features of dejtredinga in the Forex market

Conducting (pronounced "day-trading". Day-Trading) involves trading on the stock exchange during the day. All transactions are closed during the day, occasionally can be carried over to the following day. Sometimes separately allocated intraday trading (intra-day). The Dunn article will consider the last part of the day-trading.

Features of day trading in the Forex market

For day-trading is characterized by increased risks and profitability compared to the long-term trade, a large number of trades. Day trader a maximum of attention to technical analysis and much less fundamental.

Conducting the Forex market allows you to make short-term trades that can be from a few minutes to two or three days. This kind of trade for those traders who have rapid response and can instantly respond to information received (news, statistics, market conditions), to take decisions without delay.

A good trader waits for the optimum moment to enter the market and trying to do it with minimal risk, properly assessing the market situation. Day trader profit even from insignificant fluctuations of currencies or other tools can work simultaneously with multiple assets.

Conducting the Forex market allows the use of significant amounts of transactions to hedge and open several positions for various instruments. This will put a hard stop loss orders. Thus, even a few profitable trades per day can bring tangible profits (or loss, if a trader is inexperienced or lacks clear TC). This crucial difference on the scalping, when you close a significant number of positions with small profit or loss. Some traders believe that a stable profit on Forex is only possible, if the trading session closed a large number of trades. This is not entirely true, although the law of large numbers, which has not been canceled, works on large intervals of time and number of events (in our case, transactions).

Everything you need for DayTrader-predict price movement over the next hours or days. It's quite a tough trade, Vai teaches potential losses-not everyone can just go and close an unprofitable position due to the fact that the market turned against the trader. However, hard clipping of the damages and the opportunity to accumulate profits is the key to success in the d.

We gradually came to such an important topic as the emotions in trading day-trader.

Emotions, money management and Forex.

Intra-day trading, the trader must have a clear mind, clearly aware of why and what he does, and should in no way be harmful emotions like fear or greed. Following its trading system, trader in terms of emotions and actions becomes similar to that of a robot is just execution of concrete actions on the specified algorithm and no emotion. Enjoy profit or feel regret of losing the deal can later when Terminal is closed. By the way, always looking for the cause of losing trades, or else run the risk of repeating them over and over again.

The second most important thing is money management. Day-Trader knows that not every trade will be profitable, but in the long run (if the strategy tested in history), he will remain in the black-triggers the law of large numbers. In opening trade, the trader is not included in the market "to all Depot", and uses a portion of it-from 1 up to 5%.

All day-traders very much and are looking at the graphs zone consolidation, support and resistance levels, etc. Thanks to technical analysis, which is used by 99% of traders, these objects are meaningful and allow you to earn both their breakout and pullback (otbitii).

Conducting in Forex trading is to summarize

D. it is:
● dozens of opportunities to enter the market during the day (trading session).
● little foot, easily konroliruemy.
● no gaps (gaps), besides the release of significant news.
● many trading strategies and tactics.

Using a profitable VEHICLE, working on self-discipline and properly managing capital, day-trader has huge advantages over other players in the market. Possession of technical analysis and understanding of the situation of the market are welcome.

Use on-and your profits from trade will grow and remember that the profitability of trade is highly dependent on your chosen broker !

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