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What is a profitable Forex strategy?

Is there any profitable Forex trading strategy that allows you to receive stable profit from currency trading? Or is it a myth, and all earned by traders is an invention or of intuition and guessing the price? Below we will try to figure out how to or where to take a profitable strategy.

Requirements for profitable Forex trading strategies

In brief-generating strategies to profit on the Forex market are:
1. the strategy (trading system-TS) should use a specific pattern (s), the relevant market (the tool).
2. the VEHICLE must be simple and clear.
3. VEHICLES must have clear criteria for market entry and exit.

If you carefully reread the claim, then you should agree that all is as it should be. The strategy is not based on the relevant laws of the market, are doomed to fail, because there is not analysis + pattern and guessing. Examples of patterns: return not indicator moving average. on Monday (the probability of more than 50%), the support and resistance levels as warmongers or repelling magnets, price, etc.

The Simplicity Of The Ts. The more complex the rules of the trading system, the worse for a trader-you can skip the point of entry or exit. Also often do not see the whole picture of the market. If the trading system is easy to understand, the trader, firstly, to better perceive the market situation, the second, slightly modify your current VEHICLE, based on their preferences and experiences.

Without a clear definition of the conditions to open/close a trading position, no single VEHICLE will not bring stable profit. Visibility and specifics are the keys to success in Forex trading. Otherwise, the trader will be responsible for the unprofitable costs or more often close with that, of course, affect the end result.

Create or copy?

Can I create a profitable Forex trading strategy myself? What do you need? Or simply copy the finished VEHICLE, already earning professionals? Both options are real. The question is, what is your level of preparation (experience in Forex trading). To create your own VEHICLE you need to have some knowledge-test several MV, reviewing them in detail. Need a clear position, with sound and proven history (i.e. the detected pattern of the market). After you create the rules (trade) your strategy you need to test it on historical data is manually or via the tester, if you have an advisor. If everything turned out positive results, and the queue is testing on a demo account. Only after this phase to move to Real Madrid, started trading on the VEHICLE at a minimum deposit (cent account ).

If you use ready-made profitable Forex strategy that is easier and faster, then it too is real. Just need to find a practicing traderalready zarabatyvaû┼Łego on the currency market Forex and the longer the better. The problem is that many successful traders either did not reveal his secrets (and why?), or VEHICLE used intuition, which makes it problematic for copying of other traders.

Find and copy (use) a profitable strategy Forex. We can recommend TC Vladislav Gilkey, who, by the way, has automated many aspects, creating trading robots (expert advisors). By the way, quite a significant example of a profitable VEHICLE that uses the market pattern of Fibonacci numbers. This fact alone suggests that strategy. Gilkey deserve your attention.

To sum it up. Profitable VEHICLE exist, but they are few traders are most lacking in the basic disciplines and the expertise to properly monitor the market situation and to respond adequately to changing it.

Create your own VEHICLE or copy running-you decide. Just know that you will have to do some work, no matter in which direction you are going to work. If the second option-you will need to (eventually) a little further "under itself". But only after you've mastered the basic algorithm.

We wish profitnoj!

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