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What are Forex program?

Today, to trading on the currency market, you need to use the most advanced Forex trading programs, which should be accessible and understandable to the trader. Visual representation of the symbol, nterfejs, customizable to the needs of the user, the application of indicators and placing orders with the desired parameters are all directly affect the performance of the trade.

In this article we will look at the most popular Forex trading software-Metatrader trading terminal, as well as a few additional technical solutions for the trader.

A little bit about the classics

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) today is the most convenient and fastest way to Trade Forex online. The distribution of this Forex program weighs very little and quickly installed on any computer. You can download MT4 broker site. The most reliable brokers: Forex4you, InstaForex and Alpari .

What opportunities do the trading terminal Mt4?
● Visual representation of the trade balance and all of the trader.
● Graphic display of the selected trading tools.
● The possibility of any indicator to a chart.
● Management of open positions, placing of pending orders.
● Receive online quotes and news.
● Editor MetaQuotesLanguage, which allows you to create expert advisors and scripts that automate trading.

And this is just the basic features.
As you can see, even a simple Forex Mt4, as the program allows traders to effectively communicate with the market. Recently replaced the Mt4 Mt5, comes a new, improved version of the Terminal. But most brokers continue to use Mt4, since programs differ in many ways (Mt5 is a bit more complicated, but also has some outstanding features).

Forex software-what's new?

First of all I want to tell you about Autochartist (Autochartist forecast), the finished product to automatically recognize shapes of technical analysis. It facilitates the work of the trader, and also gives the opportunity to improve their understanding of the market and reading graphs because the program can find the shape that you missed.

Interestingly, Autochartist after finding a piece of technical analysis can offer you a probable scenario of prices.

The program works in the browser, beeps and has an intuitive interface that will surely appreciate the traders. Autochartist forecast submitted by Alpari.

Another use Avtočartista-to install it in your trading terminal. In this case, the program serves as a kind of indicator.

Exotic but useful Forex trading software

Exotic Forex trading programs and, more precisely, the services include ZuluTrade and MirrorTrader the Alpari. Both services allow you to copy trades of other traders choose Forex traders with profitable trading strategies, etc., Services are quite popular abroad among traders and investors, but in Russia and Ukraine while only gaining momentum.

You only need to have starting capital and to choose the right trader (strategy). User-friendly interface and filter with multiple option will help you to choose and invest their money.

Unpopular Forex program

Sometimes the broker offers a trading platform that is slightly different from the default MT4. For example, it is ForeksKlub from the broker Rumus. Such Forex software are used very rarely because the trader, accustomed to the convenient interface and many features in Mt4, does not want to relearn the new requests.

Rumus also uses some terms that are not available in MT4, for example, 2:0. This feature many consider excessive.

In General, we recommend you to use such programs only if you have a good reason to work with the broker. Most traders do not hesitate to choose a good broker with MT4.

In summary, I would like to say that Mt4 today confidently stands in first place among all existing Forex programs. And the overthrow of the King from the throne could still soon. Periodically update, Mt are being finalized and it gets even better. And when the wait for the full version of Mt5, which has its own characteristics is unknown. So enjoy the speed and quality of work of Mt4 and say thank you to the developers of MetaQuotes. Viva, MT4!

MT4 and MT5-what to choose? Back Automatic trade System, owners of.

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