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MT4 and MT5-what to choose?

This article will talk about the differences between version 4 and 5 popular trading terminal MetaTrader. Mt4 has been and remains the most widely used software for trading on Forex via the Internet. Ease of navigation, convenient and clear interface and a host of other advantages attributed to his leadership in this field. However, MT5 (download here) is slowly but surely gaining market share, striking imagination of trendy and useful "chips". Let's look at them in detail.

"No," lokirovaniû, "Yes" to new markets

Loki (lock-lock), i.e. the opposite position, are not used in MT5. It's the norm for professional platform, say for stock trading. If you can not live without locks, there is a way out-open 2 accounts on MT5 and trade only on purchases on one and only for sale on the second. Disadvantage: requires additional funds, and the pledge at the opening of the two opposite positions is not reduced, as in the case of MT4.

By the way, good old MT4 remains. Just MT5 (MetaTrader 5) it will be a good alternative. For version 4 has a lot of scripts, advisers, etc., while 5-I will develop the program, improving and modifying it for the convenience of the traders.

Traders working in MT5, not only will be able to trade on the currency pairs, but the rallies, futures and other stock-exchange instruments.

MT4 и MT5 – что выбрать?

Position, TF and MT5

In MT4 we could open multiple orders at different levels on one instrument. In Mt5, we can do well, but all transactions will be in one position, which the trader and see in a shopping window.

Интерфейс терминала MT5

A depth of market, which so far appears not all brokers.

Появился стакан в MT5

The interface is the same, all the icons and icons on the site. But the number of timeframes considerably increased: new M2-3-4-6-10-12-20, H2-3-6-8-12. For every taste, as they say.

Another nice feature is the ability to control the position with the aid of normal mice, i.e. SL and TP levels are also traders will appreciate the built-in Terminal economic calendar.

экономический календарь в MT5

You can enter the position with one click of your mouse. No doubt fans of the fast deal will appreciate it.

В MT5 входить в позицию можно, сделав один клик мышкой

History is now stored only in M1. The theme of the quotes is extensive, so we won't cover it here.

Strategy Tester in MT5

Embedded strategy Tester in MT4 was easy, but now it has become even better, more flexible, more powerful. You can call it the best achievements in the new terminal. Tester lets you test your trading strategies (expert advisor) on multiple currency pairs at a time! The effect of multiple cores can do tests using multiple computers. This will speed up the process of testing and optimization, even if your trading system is complex. In other words, we've got distance testing with multiple computers. This allows you to use the maximum power of the machine and get a significant increase in speed.

A unique new feature implemented in MT5 expert advisors to create robots with trading strategies. To create a simple expert advisor, is enough to determine the signal module, the trailing stop strategy and money management, after which they connect to the new Adviser. This occurs at the stage of creating the code MQL5 Wizard. "

The finished library functioning robots that comes with the Terminal. Generation Wizard will help make the process of creating a simple expert advisor and comfortable.

MetaTrader 5 is the expected step of software for trading. Comfortable, with lots of new features that are not fully implemented, but potentially very promising-that is us and see the new terminal.

Despite some kind of new programming language (instead of MQL4, MQL5) and exotic timeframes, the product is solid and interesting. We hope that soon the foreign exchange brokers include MT5 in its functionality, and the trader will be able to choose which is better-good old MT4 or MT5 fancy tricked out. And maybe use both? This is not a replacement for Metatrader 4, and complements and develops the idea of a separate product.

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