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Forex Strategy Indicator Woodies CCI (130 points profit)

The essence of the trading system Indicator Woodies CCI:
1. Determine divergence oscillator and price, ie divergence. Overbought or oversold, as a rule, do not give confirmation from Woodies CCI indicator maximal price.
2. Woodies CCI indicator will determine overbought / oversold at outlet prices for 100 or -100. Sometimes traders used the values ​​of the signal levels to +75 / -75.

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Indicator Woodies CCI (download indicator and template) is very easy to use. To complete the work needed is a pattern Woodies CCI indicator and price. That is, the circuit looks like a graph - one market - one time interval.

Technically Woodies CCI indicator is present 2 values ​​CCI. One - with a period of 14 (black), the second - with a period of 6 (red), aka Turbo SSІ (TCCI).

Trader Woodie (Woody), the creator of the trading system, plotted selected tool pivot points (pivots) and EMA (34), but he does not use them. Basically your preferred time frames - this M5, as well as 3-hminutka or tick chart a period of 33, 89 or 133 tick. Metatrader 4 for users working through a reliable forex broker, ideal timinutka 5 (M5). Large time-frames are not used.

Again, you only need to trade Woodies CCI indicator with good and dedicated CCI TCCI, and calm background. Do not change the selected trading interval. Any other information is superfluous. In the original Woodie even cleaned the pump price of their schedules, focusing only on the testimony of the oscillator.

All they need to do a trader - expect the pattern Woodies CCI, ie location indicator line Woodies CCI in oversold / overbought, then the trader can enter the market. Out of position indicator is made from Woodies CCI.

Definition of a trend
An important point - trade always follows the trend. The trend is defined only on the current chart (M5) in the presence of CCI, located above the zero level for 6 candles (bars) or more - for upward if below - for a downtrend.
If both sides of the zero level is present for a number of candles (bars) at 3.2, i.e. there is no clear movement, we define it as flat and do not open any position.

Woodies patterns for trading with the trend and against it
The trend:
1. Rollback from level zero (Zero-line Reject - ZLR).
2. Feedback divergence (Reverse Divergence - rev diver).
3. Break of trend line trend (Trend Line Break - TLB).
4. Break horizontal trend line trend (Horizontal Trend Line Break - HTLB).
Against the trend:
1. Shamu (Shamu Trade).
2. Vegas (Vegas Trade).
3. Ghost (Ghost Trade).
4. Extreme Hook (Hook From Extreme - HFE).
5. Break trendline against the trend (Trend Line Break - TLB).
6. Break horizontal trend line trend (Horizontal Trend Line Break - HTLB).

More details on trade patterns, see the video "Trading system Woodie CCI"

As used herein, Woodies CCI indicator, we will not examine in detail each pattern. Enough for you to understand the essence of the use of this oscillator, the rest will come with practice.

Example strategy Woodies CCI. EURUSD, M5.

16.09.2011 15.10 - both CCI is oversold (below -100). Buy at 1.3753. Sell ​​at 1.3803, focusing on finding both CCI in overbought. 50 points profit.

The second transaction - selling at 16.15 and 17.00 and 17.15 (both oscillators CCI are overbought). Closing all 3 items must be made ​​in 17.35. Received earnings of about 25 +35 +70 = 130 points.

Please note, no stop orders are not used. They are installed only in the case of high volatility expectations or important news - for insurance (Stop Loss). Focus only on the values ​​of the oscillator - selling at the highest point and buy at the lowest. The values ​​of both SSІ must match.

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