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What is the minimum deposit at Forex?

Long past the time when trading on the foreign exchange market required a large sum on deposit. Today the novice trader can start trading with $ 1. And in some cases even without money, they need to play, and the amount is minimal (5-20 $). It comes to Forex bonus.

The convenience of a minimum deposit of Forex is that we can invest a small amount to start trading the least possible volume (say, 0.01 on cent the Bill). And this is enough to verify the quality of trade broker without worrying about losing money.

Today we'll talk about minimum deposit Forex trader and whether to use it at all.

On the leverage and cent accounts

As you know, almost all brokers now allow you to open cent accounts. The lot is less than a 100 times. Given the leverage (the most popular 1: 100 and 1: 200), this opens up enormous opportunities for traders.

Judge for yourself: investing in just a couple of dozen dollars, you can engage in speculation on the world market as if you have 10000 times and more. Yes, you can still lose money if trade carelessly, but if you have the experience, the lever is provided to you, at times will accelerate profit (and increase). For example, in the United States stock market leverage standard equal to ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 3. The proportion of 1:10 is considered to be very risky.

The advantages and disadvantages of minimum deposit Forex

Minimum deposit Forex benefits costs include:

● to start trade with any minimum amount.
● check the broker-comfort trade, conformity of trade requirements, etc.

Let us give you advice. Despite the fact that many brokers in advertising say that they can trade on very favorable terms and with the minimum deposit of Forex, still not worth listening to. Better check the broker, ensure its reliability and capacity to pay, make and start trading at a decent amount, if you have a profitable trading strategy. Otherwise, you'll be literally barahtat on small deposit of 10-20 $, earning the 2-3 cents on each transaction or even less.

In addition, a larger deposit will allow you to feel more confident. After all, if you've had a few bad trades in a row, but on balance it's almost not there, you can continue to trade, adhering to the strategy. The other side of the coin is that there is a temptation to open up a lot more, which is fraught with consequences. But it is the question of your discipline and money management parameters.

The disadvantages of minimum deposit Forex we include:

● low profit.
● the possibility of losing the deposit if a series of failed transactions.
● ability to trade exclusively with the minimum lot.

As you can see, the double-edged sword. To start the beginner, non capital-Yes, it is quite possible to use a minimum deposit. But better as quickly as possible to move to a new level by trading for cent accounts with a decent deposit from $ 500 and up. Again, only if you have good results on the demo account within 1-2 months. Otherwise you run the risk of simply lose their money.

Choosing a broker with the minimum deposit of Forex

Here the answer is obvious-the use of brokers (dealing centers), which have proven to be reliable and paying. Suggest that you look at the trade conditions of Forex4you, Alpari and InstaForex, especially Foreks4û. The advantages of this broker should include the presence of cent accounts, including one tube, a large range of leverage (from 1:10 up to 1: 500), and the ability to choose the type of trading account (Dealing Desk or Non Dealing Desk).

There are traders who do not use the stop loss. The open position held until the profit or loss is accumulated on it. No swaps will allow the trader to reduce losses in the long distance. Or do you simply long-term trader, and your transactions are hanging open in weeks and months. Then you too will be no swap.

We wish you a profitable trade for a decent deposit!

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