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Scalping forex strategy FX Prime interval M1 (7 points profit)

Trading on Forex Scalping Strategy FX Prime, we will work with any currency pair in the interval M1.
Indicators that we need:
Heiken Ashi Smoothed
EJ CandleTime
CCI (parameters 34 and 170)
RSI (levels 45-55).

Some of these indicators can be downloaded from here , the last two are available in the standard set of Metatrader . Also suggest that you download 2 template here (for graphics M1 and M5). Templates (templates) can be completely customizable for yourself. To install the template, right-click on the currency pair, select Template → Load Template. Pre unzip the templates in the Templates folder Metatrader.

Volumes operation - not more than 5.3% of the deposit.
Approximate ratio of profitable: unprofitable trades - 80:20.
Stop Loss - no more than 10 points.

For this trading strategy, good dealing center will be: InstaForex - Ability to trade without a spread!

Thus the essence of the strategy Forex Scalping FX Prime:
Trading takes place in the interval between 9.00 and 17.00 Moscow time (winter time).
To go long (buy) subject to the following conditions:
1. Indicator CCI (170) is above the zero line and pointing up, which is equivalent to the upward trend.
2. Indicator CCI (34) is also above the zero line and pointing up that treated us like uptrend. Typically, CCI (34) gives a signal later CCI (170).
3. Indicator RSI (levels 45-55) is above 55.
Important: Never open a trade if the RSI value is between 45 and 55. This is typical for an indefinite period, non-trending market.
The most important indicators give signals CCI (170), CCI (34) and RSI (45-55). Values ​​of other indicators play a secondary role. Ideally, the values ​​of all indicators must match.

For a short position (sell) the conditions are mirror. The RSI should be below 45.

Additional tips:
• to correctly identify the short-term trend, parallel to the open graph intervals M5 and trade in the direction of the trend. If there is a discrepancy (interval M1 shows a downward trend, and M5 - ascending), then follow the M5 and do not open the transaction. Wait for favorable conditions and then get in position.
• It is important to make sure that the price in an uptrend did vertices in a downtrend - bottoms. This will give additional confidence in the indicator readings.
• deal better watch himself, pulling level stop loss to breakeven or profit.

Closing the deal:
1. Upon reaching any convenient for you to profit. But in this case it is possible shortfall in profits.
2. Heiken Ashi Smoothed changed color and / or any of the CCI crossed the zero level in the opposite direction.

In our example, the pair GBPUSD, M1, we see that both the CCI crossed the zero level from the bottom up (CCI 34 a little later, as expected). RSI is above 55. Open a deal to buy at 1.6118. In the next 2 minutes easy price reaches 1.6125, after which you can close the position. Profit seven points.

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