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How to find a profitable Forex indicators?

The traders did not search online profitable Forex indicators? They just looked at the indicator, and immediately realized that the price 100% will go in the right direction. Or at least 70-80%. Someone puts on 2-3 hours or more indicators, hoping that doing so will be able to filter out false signals. Someone who combines technical and fractal analysis + indicator. And there are those traders who don't need money-making indicators: everything you need to analyze is the price. This area is called PriceAction. Some combine the PriceAction with the volumes that undoubtedly enhances trade.

In this article we try to decide which method is preferable to trade, as well as give the answer to the question, where to look for profitable Forex indicators.

Search indicators

It is clear that by typing in the search string you request to us, we get a huge number of sites with a huge selection of indicators for download. But remember that really led to the unit. Why so?

Well, first of all, most, if not all, indicators using moving average. In other words, they are derived from the Ma, and thus have all of their advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage of a moving average is the lag. In part it may be compensated for by using moving averages with different periods (for example, quick with a period of 5, 20 and 50 slow average). But only partly.

Secondly, a minority of traders are trying to use non-classical methods of market analysis. Those who traffic in classically, often loses. After all, markets, like human psychology, not standing still. Changing the reaction of crowds on the news, or on the movement of prices. The majority of players always lose (the Pareto rule or 80: 20). In the Forex market, the ratio is even 95: 5, i.e. only 5% of players (traders) are successful in long distance.

Of new ways of market analysis, we will discuss below, and now allow me to give you reliable resources, where you will find a range of indicators and a detailed description of each of them. This is the official developer forums MetaTrader and MQL 4 programming language and 5- and

Here you can find a wide variety of indicators, among which it is possible and profitable Forex indicators. The advantage in this case is the fact that a detailed description and discussion of the indicator + the results obtained from its use.

New market analysis

As mentioned above, today traders are actively looking for new ways to predict the direction of prices. The go price patterns (Price Action), robots (expert advisors), trade without analysis (CarryTrade) and many other things.

What to choose? It's hard to say. The best solution would be to pass through each way, to feel it, and how it suits you: b. what profit shows.

Each method is good in its own way, has its advantages and disadvantages. We suggest that you refer to the understanding of the market and maximum simplicity together with the efficiency of trade. From this point of view is perfect PriceAction. Drawback-the patterns occur rarely, but offset by the ability to trade patterns on any currency pair.

Also please take a look at automated trading (expert advisors, ZuluTrade, MirrorTrade , etc.)

So, we hope that you will find the profitable Forex indicators on these resources, as well as expand your arsenal of trade at least one way. Good luck, profit and that the profitability of trade is highly dependent on your chosen broker!

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