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Download MetaTrader 5. What is new in program Metatrader 5?

Trading terminal MetaTrader 5 allows the trader to trade on the Forex market, working with currency pairs, precious metals futures, etc. compared with the previous version of the program (MetaTrader 4) MT 5 allows you to work simultaneously on several financial markets. It also adds the ability to discover new pending orders, except 4-standard in MT 4. Metatrader 5 interface uses the English and Russian language.

Download MetaTrader 5 >>>

Depth of market

Another important supplement to mt 5 is the depth of market (stock glass or window applications, market depth) showing the depth of the market. Thanks to this feature, by the way, completely unavailable at this point in the Terminal MT 5, the trader can see all the current orders for buying/selling a financial instrument that allows for more efficient trade. Glass is displayed as a graph or table. Wish to improve this feature and make glass in MetaTrader 5.

A ban on the "locks" (lock)

Again, comparing with the previous version of the MetaTrader 4, MT 5 is fundamentally different positions, transactions and orders. Warrant in mt 5 is by performing an operation which would deal. And the position is referred to as the sum of all transactions that are open on the currency pair traded. In other words, now you will not be able to use locking ("lock"). In general it is very unprofitable for traders for many reasons: the overpayment on the spreads, "negative rollover", etc. Developers Metatrader4 5 lead in favor of the decision, reasoning, arguing such a move countering abuses of dishonest Forex brokers to attract customers-traders of the old way of counting positions, as well as money-laundering experienced traders, including administering the accounts. In General, the position of developer mt 5 was justified and rational.

Analysis tools

Thanks to the analytical tools of MetaTrader 5 trading terminal is much better than all the previous ones. In addition to the three standard types of graphs (line, bar and candlestick), mt 5 has 38 built-in indicators, 39 objects (graphics) and a large number of the MQL5 indicators. Cannot create their own groups and move the indicator between the groups. But you can combine indicators: overlay, build them one from the other, etc.

Historical data is stored in the MetaTrader 5 in M1 (minute), on the basis of which is plotting. The number of time slots (timeframes) has risen to 21, and the analysis of quotations (testing strategy, for example) can be performed on any-from the M1 to the MN. Another advantage of the Terminal Metatrader 5 is the high efficiency storage of historical quotations.

Order MetaTrader 5

On the stock market may specify additional conditions in the "execution policy". This includes:
1. all or nothing. Execution of the transaction is made in a specified volume, price is equal to or better than indicated in the order.

2. Remove the remainder. Trader agrees to make a deal on the maximum volumes available on the market within the time limit specified in the order and at a price that is equal to or better than that. The missing volumes of additional applications are not displayed.

3. Return (only for deferred execution). Similar to the previous order, only upon the additional requests for missing volumes, the price is the same as specified in the order.

The Metatrader 5 got another 2 types of orders, in addition to the existing standard MT 4.

Buy Stop Limit -in fact, it is a stop order to Buy Limit. In other words, when the future price of Ask value that indicated the trader, the MT 5 exposes the application Buy Limit at the level of the specified value. The current price is below the price at which the program installs the conditional order.

Sell Stop-Limit order is a stop order to Sell Limit. In other words, when the future price of Bid value, which indicated the trader, the MT 5 sets of Sell Limit order at the level of the specified value. The current price is above the price at which the program installs the conditional order.

Automated trading in Metatrader 5

Create and edit expert advisors, custom indicators and scripts in the Metatrader 5 by using the integrated MQL5 development environment. It includes MetaEditor 5 routines, MetaTrader 5 Strategy Tester, MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5), as well as the Terminal MetaTrader 5 where expert advisors and executed. Despite the absence at the oment strategy Tester, it will have significant differences from the version provided in MT 4.

Object-oriented programming language MQL5 has a great execution speed and greatly facilitates the process of development experts.


Developers have tried to take into account all the wishes of traders-the previous version of the MetaTrader 4 users and added a few things on my own. As a result of the new Metatrader 5 should be as convenient, flexible and configurable tool for trading in any financial market. We are waiting for the final version of 5 mt!

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