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Useful Forex contests?

Contests, Forex is one of the easiest ways to learn how to trade and make money on it. Forex contests can be free (without making real money on the trading account, which trade on the demo) and paid when the trader works on real money.

What are Forex contests for traders? Undoubtedly, an opportunity to win-the big winner. Cash prizes for the contestants can be $ 1,000 or even more decent amount. There is a spirit of rivalry, passion. The ability to launch without real money or with a small deposit. It attracts a lot of players who are ready to compete and win.

Forex contests which is best to choose? How best to prepare for-and whether you can prepare at all? Should I cheat? Consider these questions in more detail.

Where to start?

First you need to determine whether the dealing Center (a broker) should be registered to participate in the Unquestionable leaders among Forex brokers are Forex4you, Alpari and InstaForex .

Foreks4û has temporarily suspended competitions. Perhaps this is due to the launch of the new service copy transactions Share4you. We hope that in the near future. the broker will resume.

We recommend you register with all three brokers. So better to do i/o, read the rules, etc. and the winnings will be credited to your account with a broker, and not just in your purse Webmoney or ÂndeksDeneg. We kindly advise you to pass verification, confirming the identity and possible transfers of large amounts of money (from $ 500).

If the demo is a demo-account, the latter usually opens automatically after the trader has filled out an application for registration.

Forex contest rules

The rules may be different to different brokers do not necessarily need to earn maximum profit for some period of time. You'll just need to carefully read the terms and conditions on the site.

There are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly to f..

Examples of Forex contests held by the broker for Alpari:
1. the big winner: trader should show maximum yield with minimal sagging.
2. FormulaFX: maximum profit.
3. pick up momentum: maximizing the trading volumes.
4. virtual reality: trading on a demo account, the maximum profit with minimal sagging.
5. successful investor: highest revenues by investing in the pamm-account.

Sometimes the goal is getting the fastest time loss (zeroing). Of course, on a demo account.

As we can see, k. can be very different. Each trader can choose something for himself. What better to choose and to be there to prepare-just below.

Selection and preparation for competitions Forex

You have chosen the broker with whom you will work. Carefully read the terms and conditions of each to engaged the demo or real account. What do you do next?

Even before selecting a specific to you as a trader it is important to determine ... with the features of your trade. What are your strengths and weaknesses? You are making a big profit or high volumes? Skal′piruete or hold a position open for a few days? You are the aggressor, or your trade quiet?

All this determines your style of trading and will assist you directly (or prevent) to participate in the review, therefore your own trading style needs to be before and not after the.

Having defined with style, choose the contest it was under it. You have to be different from the majority of traders involved in if you know what this was and has to be held back, examine the stats (archive) to evaluate their strength (compare). If you are serious, can be connected in parallel with the main k. 1 open a demo account and try their hand at it. Thus, you will sooner or later nalovĨites′ and show the best result that will bring you the victory and prize money.

Not every competition you can prepare. This is normal and expected. Trade may be different at different times-this week is quiet, and the next one shows a strong volatility. Therefore it is better if the same k. are held periodically to increase your chances of success.

In General, the Forex contests can you really come in handy-even if you do not take place, you can try your skills, improve trading skills and just get pleasure from the process. Trade with pleasure and analyze their trade is will serve you in good stead! We wish you all the best!

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