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Books on trading. What to read?

Today, when everyone is able to find and download the desired video or any other information, books on trading gradually fade into another plan. Although only a couple of years ago books were the first step on the road of learning a profitable trade in Forex currency market.

Do we need today a trader these training text mnogostrani─Źniki? What to choose-hard copy or electronic? Buy or download free? And if the books are still trading on what to choose beginner or more experienced trader? This let us talk.

Trading books-good or harm?

Often the beginning trader does not consider it necessary to pay attention to the training manual. They say, little time, or just laziness. Often the explanation is more interesting-I have a training video or a ready-made strategy, why do I need your books? Trading books are considered to be something almost as harmful and not at all helpful.

But the classics has been and remains a classic. If a trader is not basic knowledge that will be new, it will periodically make critical errors, reducing your deposit. Our opinion is that at the beginning of the road you want to read at least one book on the classical trade. And not just read and analyzed, pass through itself, finding the examples on real schedules. Only then a trader in the head is a clear understanding of the Forex market and the many factors which influence the price.

Remember that all great traders (Alexander elder, Bill Williams and others) beginning with Ali books, combining theory with practice. Trendy now ways of getting knowledge like online video or training courses with the demo machines, of course, are more attractive than plain text option, but inquisitive mind always needs something to start with. And well, if this knowledge (the Foundation) is correct.

Trading books-what after?

If you have successfully read and have worked at least one book on the classical trading, then you will enjoy other ways of acquiring new knowledge. These include:
•various training courses.
•video lessons (download to your computer or look online).
•ready-made trading strategies.
•Automation of trade with the help of advisers (robots).
•copy services transactions of other traders, for example Share4you .

But this information should be dosed once in your head working knowledge of Forex market are analyzed, developed into one complete picture. Otherwise, you'll just move between multiple lines without reaching result in one.

As a professional trader highlights the dedication and perseverance. He picks one up and running there until it reaches the desired result or not yet ascertained that "there are no fish". Over time, you can distribute your time on multiple targets (for example, manual trading, the use of EA, pamm-account and copy the transactions of other traders). But for this you need experience and, of course, the initial capital.

Hopefully you realized the value of studying books on trading and the currency speculator will start with them. We can recommend a CD, "the basics of stock trading, or d. Švagera"technical analysis. Full course. " However, choose all the same to you. At least one read the book trade should be your Foundation. See our section "Forex books" and choose something for themselves.

Read, practice, and let the profit you always pleases!

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