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What is Forex demo?

Today Forex demo account - the easiest tool for a novice trader who wants to try their hand at real market. Demo account is a great way for an experienced speculator test a new strategy or compare or analyze several pairs trading. In general, convenient tool for both the novice and the professional. But to work properly with the demo, as it is commonly called, should be able to.

How to open a forex demo account?

Join the broker is not necessary. We just go to the site DC (broker) - recommend Foreks4yu and download the MT4 trading terminal. To install the terminal and after the program see box prompting you to create a new forex demo account. Enter any data, write the desired size of the deposit - hurray, you're done! You can start trading with virtual money.

If you lose all virtual money on a demo account, there is nothing scary, just need to create a new demo account and can be traded on.

Features of Forex trading demo account

One in a demo trading conditions repeats real account. Well, except for some nuances - for example, when you open the locks (locks, lock) for real at some brokers, we get 100% bonus Blocking margin (1 lot for sale fully compensated for the purchase of one lot, the margin is zero). On the demo it will be 50% with or without locking out at all.

Also at the demo, we will charge swaps, which is not on bezsvopovyh cent accounts (for example, a broker Foreks4yu ).
In general, just read the trading conditions for real accounts. A demo for 99-100% repeat them. Differences usually insignificant.

D. Benefits to the real account

D. Broker gives the same rate of discovery orders, and that the real account. Lot size, exhibiting stop orders, setting a trailing stop and display prices - as a real account. Also better relate to trade virtual money seriously - many people underestimate this aspect, as a result of incurring losses on real life.

Summary rookie mistake - relating to trade D. Once virtual money, you can go to rash risks, open many transactions to trade big lots, etc. This is plainly wrong. Demo just created in order to rehearse all the difficult things that can (and any) occur on real life. If a trader comes to the real Forex with their money, it can quickly lose them. Therefore, any trader with experience will tell you that you need to use AD as long as your results will not be stable at least one month, preferably 2 or 3.

The next step - Cent accounts . On a small deposit of $ 10-20 a trader can open a position minimum lots, virtually no risk. If a transaction or series of transactions closed in the negative - small loss from a couple of cents to a couple dollars. But psychologically cent accounts are an order of magnitude higher than the forex demo - because we are trading with real money, albeit small.

D. very convenient for testing new trading strategies. This can be done manually by spending some time and automate the process. Created adviser who trades in history ( started via MT4 strategy tester ). If you are not willing to pay for the creation Adviser on your trading system, there are two options: you can order it for free or use Forextester.

Free custom advisor, script or indicator can be done on the developer forums and MT4 MT5 ( and ). Here you will find a lot of interesting and useful information on trading in general. You can also live chat with other experienced traders and programmers ask questions. In general, we recommend.

The second option of testing your trading system - the use of the " Forex Tester . " This program allows you to trade manually at high speed on the story. Ie you open the transaction, giving some time acceleration. A free version (1 month virtual time). Test your strategy during this month, you:
* See profitable or not your trading system.
* Familiar with the interface Forextester and decide to buy it or not.

As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. Finally, note that we should not underestimate the possibility of forex demo account - better use the demo to the maximum, so you do not have to regret the losses on a real account. You successful training and remember that the gains from trade is highly dependent on the chosen broker!

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