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What is open Forex?

The concept of "open Forex" means fairness and transparency of open trades and other financial transactions on the foreign exchange market. How all honestly? Are brokers derive traders deal on the market or earn defeats last? Of brokers who believe and whom to choose for stable earnings at the exchange? About it - below.

Forex market openness

Traders know that Forex - a huge market purchase and sale of currencies of non-banking sector. In other words, the price is set by the buyers and sellers, and not given by someone who benefits from it. Always possible to compare quotes by different brokers - the price will differ on a couple of points, which is insignificant. It's really open trading.

On the other hand, a conventional trader does not see all the backstage moments. Price can soar skyward like, leaving the bears at a loss as to fall below any minimum visible, catching bulls by surprise. This suggests two things: 1. There are things that are not available to the trader due to the fact that it (and its capital status in the market) is too little significance 2. There are factors that are invisible to most traders, but understandable professional players with experience. So, the modern approach to understanding the market (analysis VSA - see video «VSA protection market makers") clearly helps the trader understand when there are players on the market with a large capital (professional operators, market makers) that move the price.

Thus, there is a duality (duality) called Open Forex. Trader bit and sees that the price changes, analyzes the reasons for trying to predict future movements, but do not always understand the real cause of any movement of the market.

Forex brokers and outdoor

The second point of market opening - interaction trader and broker (dealing center). Many traders, especially early in his career, currency speculator, express their distrust of the broker. But you must admit, it is difficult to trade profitably and at the same time worrying about your money, steal their broker. Therefore need to find a broker to which you will have maximum confidence.

We can recommend reliable and trusted brokers see the list of top brokers. Carefully read the terms of trade of each, see reviews on the Internet, consider the number of accounts and time on the market of brokerage services - and take the right decision. Note that each of these brokers has all the necessary licenses and certified according to the standards of brokering activities.

Today the so-called kitchens, i.e. unscrupulous brokers pocketed your money is almost gone. Too important market reputation. About allegedly bogus transactions that the broker does not seem to displays on the interbank market - just look at the number of active trading clients or accounts, which every day becomes more and more. Broker has a lot of that form, which is sent to a larger broker and real output on the interbank market.

All you need to open the trader in relation to Forex - have good trading conditions and fast I / O money trading accounts. The rest - in the hands of only a trader.

It is important to pay attention to the commission at the input-output of money, minimum and maximum trading volume of one transaction, and the size of the swap spread, as well as the presence / absence cent and without swap accounts. Thus, the trader, scalping intraday minimum swap is very important and one volume of the transaction, and for long-term trader actual opening of transactions with positive swap as the additional profit or trading without swap account. The purpose of this analysis - to reduce their costs of trading, improve convenience and profit. This is especially noticeable on long distance - from the month of trading and longer.

Summarizing, we note that today traders get it open trading. Many opportunities of market analysis, a large selection of accounts and trading strategies, as well as advisors Forex, various training courses and video course at Forex: it's all very expanding arsenal trader that only one thing - to make your choice and focus on making a profit. Good luck!

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