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How to calculate cross-rates?

Forex currency transactions are carried out against the dollar and other currencies. For example, the euro against the pound, the yen against the Australian dollar and other cross-rates (K.-K.) is called the exchange rate between the currencies, if there does not include the U.S. dollar. Active buy / sell cross-currency exchange has a major impact on the foreign exchange rates against the U.S. dolla

Valuable than derivatives?

What is a derivative? Why do traders trading on Forex? It turns out that D. relevant for currency traders. Indeed, this may include Options and Futures. Let's look at the term in more detail. Origin of the term D. The term "derivative" is borrowed from the French and German languages ​​and translates as "derivative" or "secondary security." The roots of the word go bac

What is open Forex?

The concept of "open Forex" means fairness and transparency of open trades and other financial transactions on the foreign exchange market. How all honestly? Are brokers derive traders deal on the market or earn defeats last? Of brokers who believe and whom to choose for stable earnings at the exchange? About it - below. Forex market openness Traders know that Forex - a hug

What is Forex demo?

Today Forex demo account - the easiest tool for a novice trader who wants to try their hand at real market. Demo account is a great way for an experienced speculator test a new strategy or compare or analyze several pairs trading. In general, convenient tool for both the novice and the professional. But to work properly with the demo, as it is commonly called, should be able to. How to

Books on trading. What to read?

Today, when everyone is able to find and download the desired video or any other information, books on trading gradually fade into another plan. Although only a couple of years ago books were the first step on the road of learning a profitable trade in Forex currency market. Do we need today a trader these training text mnogostraničniki? What to choose-hard copy or electronic? Buy or downlo

Forex trading-how it occurs

Profitable trades in Forex -currency trader's dream. Not always the people believe that the odds of you can really make the COP, sitting in front of the monitor. However, when we hear about someone's success, unwittingly putting it on themselves-and can we do it? Achieve high goals, make lots of money? Moreover, trading in Forex can make big money. Just not always this process happens quickly —

Useful Forex contests?

Contests, Forex is one of the easiest ways to learn how to trade and make money on it. Forex contests can be free (without making real money on the trading account, which trade on the demo) and paid when the trader works on real money. What are Forex contests for traders? Undoubtedly, an opportunity to win-the big winner. Cash prizes for the contestants can be $ 1,000 or even more decent amoun

You can earn on Forex?

Newbie on the currency market is not entirely sure you can earn on Forex. Although he sees that others are "experienced" traders like and receive money with currency speculation, but somehow I can't believe that it is possible to earn fabulous amounts so easily. In General, the topic of earning on the Internet most often get the 2 opposing reaction or negative, skepticism and complete den

Forex courses-harm or benefit to the trader?

Who of us, starting its journey on the foreign exchange market, was looking for a Grail-profitable Forex course or strategy that allows you to easily make money with just a few mouse clicks? Someone buy the Forex courses, someone looking for free options, looks and downloads video about stock trading. How this method can be useful trader? Maybe it is better to use something else? Is it worth putting

How profitable working on Forex?

Work at Forex (or better say-trade) is responsible, but profitable. It is the ability to know yourself in a new way, earning money own mind without leaving your home or Office. There are no chiefs, there is only you and the market. Earned-well done, got minus-learn the lesson and try not to repeat the mistakes. In this article we try to consider how can be profitable work at Forex and whether

Who are the market makers?

Market-mejkeremi Forex (market-maker, mm.) are both large banks and financial companies that define the current quotations (course). Percentage of market-maker in the General market level is significant, that often defines price movement. Market-maker on Forex must constantly monitor the buying and selling of currencies and join them in the transaction. In other words, mm. is a party (player, trader)

Forex for beginners-videos

Forex for beginners -videos, books on classical trading from the Elder and other famous traders, training courses, sites with forecasts and analytics ... All of this falls upon the thirsty new knowledge trader-newbie, already seeing his million. And in this heap to easily skip to really valuable knowledge. The results are sad-more than 90% beginners lose money for a few days to weeks. Since then, ma

How to find a profitable Forex indicators?

The traders did not search online profitable Forex indicators? They just looked at the indicator, and immediately realized that the price 100% will go in the right direction. Or at least 70-80%. Someone puts on 2-3 hours or more indicators, hoping that doing so will be able to filter out false signals. Someone who combines technical and fractal analysis + indicator. And there are those traders who d

Forex is simple or complicated?

Forex this simply? Or vice versa, is difficult and uninteresting, not a mere man? In this regard, there are conflicting views. Those who actually earns a living by currency speculation, sure, that everything is quite simple. As the saying goes: "buy cheap, sell more expensive." The same traders who for various reasons lost (lost) of your deposit, confident that all hard. What a bad broker price does no

What is the minimum deposit at Forex?

Long past the time when trading on the foreign exchange market required a large sum on deposit. Today the novice trader can start trading with $ 1. And in some cases even without money, they need to play, and the amount is minimal (5-20 $). It comes to Forex bonus. The convenience of a minimum deposit of Forex is that we can invest a small amount to start trading the least possible volume (say,

Expert advisors for MetaTrader 4

Every day, the Forex market is increasingly looking to earn. Before productive trade needed special courses (or at least independent reading 1-2 books on stock trading with further elaboration on a demo account and endless questions at specialized forums) and, of course, a lot of practice. Today, many of the processes used, so much so that trade on the Exchange can program-robot (expert advisor). Ex

The concept of Forex transactions

All operations on the Interbank Forex market, in fact, represent the opinion of Forex transactions. Most of the players are getting a deflation, making a price difference between buying and selling. This could include small traders with small deposits (up to $ 10,000) and large investors. And only some unimportant, in principle, the current price-they need to exchange one currency for another at the

The work of the Forex market

The work of the Forex market does not stop for a second. Of course, except for Saturday and Sunday, when traders are not allowed to open position. Actually, the Forex is open 24/7. Let's take a look at all the nuances of the market Forex, linked with time (and not only). The time frame of the Forex market As you know, there are 3 foreign exchange trading session: Asian (00.00 to 09.00

MT4 and MT5-what to choose?

This article will talk about the differences between version 4 and 5 popular trading terminal MetaTrader. Mt4 has been and remains the most widely used software for trading on Forex via the Internet. Ease of navigation, convenient and clear interface and a host of other advantages attributed to his leadership in this field. However, MT5 (download here) is slowly but surely gaining market share, striki

What are Forex program?

Today, to trading on the currency market, you need to use the most advanced Forex trading programs, which should be accessible and understandable to the trader. Visual representation of the symbol, nterfejs, customizable to the needs of the user, the application of indicators and placing orders with the desired parameters are all directly affect the performance of the trade. In this article we wil

Automatic trade System, owners of.

We are happy to provide you a new automated trading. Meet the Auto trading robot-Profit from Invest system! Registration and obtaining of expert advisor to trade completely free of charge and does not deliver. In this article we will consider the practical value and possible disadvantages of using this Advisor for the trader (Investor). Advantages of service Invest system Firstly, al

What is Forex requotes (requotes)?

Requotes (Eng. requotes)-so-called slippage resulting from abrupt movements of the prices when you try to close the deal by the trader. Requotes are missing when you stop orders when the deal closes on a clearly defined costs, exhibited by the trader. Requotes are unpleasant for the trader that fail to quickly close an unprofitable deal. When you try to do the trading terminal makes a sharp

What is a profitable Forex strategy?

Is there any profitable Forex trading strategy that allows you to receive stable profit from currency trading? Or is it a myth, and all earned by traders is an invention or of intuition and guessing the price? Below we will try to figure out how to or where to take a profitable strategy. Requirements for profitable Forex trading strategies In brief-generating strategies to profit on th

Charts (online)

What are charts? What are the peculiarities of their use? How to configure them so that is very comfortable to use and display the price schedule was comfortable for the eyes and a general perception? Let's take a look at these issues in more detail. What are charts? The Definition Of Quote-display prices (cost) of one currency expressed in another currency. For example, the euro-do

How to trade stock indices?

Many people think that Forex trading is the only currency. What a surprise the beginning trader, when, having dug in МТ 4, he finds gold and silver quotations, some promotions and contracts (Futures). Some brokers offer more trade Options. You can not get confused. Today we'll talk about the indexes that are used more in the stock market, but are closely related to Forex. Equity ind

What is asset management?

Today Forex trust management (DM) is at the peak of the trend movement. Anyone who has a hundred or two dollars, can easily invest in CONTROL on foreign exchange. Many bear the loss, having trusted or fraudsters, or inexperienced traders (for companies). But that's not stopping "investors" because the ability to receive money from the air seems so alluring that forces investors to quickly find

How to make a calculation of the lot?

A professional trader is required to be able to make a calculation of the lot. What does it do? When you open the deposit is removed (until closing) a certain amount, which is determined by the size of the lot and the cost of an asset (currency pair). Experienced trader always uses the rules of money management (see the article "the best money management Forex") and reduces the risk of margin-cal

What are the options?

In fact, Forex options are contracts to buy or sell an asset at an agreed-upon fixed price. The contract can be sold at any time, the cost can be as original, and below. Main parameters of the transaction determines the Exchange (broker). Strict compliance with the requirements of the contracts concluded on the stock exchange performed by specialized staff.. What about, who uses them and how it

Features of dejtredinga in the Forex market

Conducting (pronounced "day-trading". Day-Trading) involves trading on the stock exchange during the day. All transactions are closed during the day, occasionally can be carried over to the following day. Sometimes separately allocated intraday trading (intra-day). The Dunn article will consider the last part of the day-trading. Features of day trading in the Forex market For day-tr

Risk diversification and portfolio for Forex trader

Concept ofrisk diversificationandportfolio diversification"are known, likely, every trader and investor. Don't put your eggs in one basket, distribute the assets in order not to lose all at once or in case of loss of one asset to compensate the profit on the other. However, many participants Forex lose their money because of the excitement, fear, greed, mismanagement of money (see the article "th

Why Forex trader minimum spread?

The minimum spread, low spreads-why professional traders are looking for brokers it is with such trading conditions? The answer is simple: spread-this is the first that pays the trader when opening a position. And because Forex trading has for goal the enrichment of the trader, every cent. How to choose the "right" broker, what are the spreads and how to reduce your costs, increase your profits-we are go

Providing brokerage services at Forex

Who is a broker? In translation from English. is the mediator. In fact, the broker is a legal or physical person who acts as a conciliator to ICA by buyer and seller (e.g., Forex), the policyholder and the insurer (insurance broker), etc. The broker's remuneration is determined by the Commission (for Forex is part of spread and/or one-off Commission transactions by a trader when opening). B

Best Forex money management

Money Management (from English. "money management, money management, abbreviated mm) involves a set of measures aimed at increasing investment, as well as taxes and other investments. In this article, we'll cover the important concepts for each trader as Mani Forex management. You see, even using a good profitable strategy can yield significant losses if not calculate volumes of items on deposit.

Where to invest money?

Probably, every reasonable person at some point, wondered: "Where to invest your money?" To profit was higher, but the risks are smaller. Experienced investors will answer that it does not happen. The smaller the risk, the less profit-we have a direct relationship. Also important is the issue of liquidity. Do not worry, it is profitable to invest money not so difficult. Importantly, the desire and

The economic development in the United States

Data for economic development are an important indicator for the players in the financial markets, including Forex, which (indicator) displays the State of the economy, and, therefore, the United States dollar. The most popular among traders the pair EUR/USD is very sensitive to economic data out of the United States. Below we will explain the basic indicators of the development of the econom

How to play the market Forex

How to play the market Forex, learn just to visit a training course on trade in the Forex market, open a site dedicated to currency trading, or read a good book (advise Classics a. Elder "How to play and win at the stock exchange"). This will give you a general idea on Forex trading, and within an hour or two you will open its first transaction on a demo account. But here's how to play and win

Efficiency of investments on Forex

Efficiency of investments, i.e. investments in Forex trading, can be divided into investments in yourself as a trader (training) and investing in other players (asset management, pamm-account, etc) first of all, we are interested in the economic efficiency of investments, i.e. profitability. Let's look at each option individually. Efficiency of investments (training programs) Depen

Classic Forex trading tactics

The concept of Forex trading tactics is important, regardless of the chosen trading strategy, because only by using an effective Forex trading tactics, you can fully manage your capital, increasing it. After the analysis of the market, the trader has to decide in which direction will open transactions, and what part of the capital will be invested in the deal. On the accuracy of the entry, as the market

Define forecast the euro to week

The question "what is the forecast of the euro for a week?" have a lot of traders. There are several answers: make an independent analysis of the market situation, including the review of the fundamental factors, and you can listen to the advice of expert analysts. In this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and try to determine the optimal solution. Relev

What is Forex market?

What is the Forex market? Why he attracts so much attention from people of all ages who want to earn money on the Internet? Why every day we see more Forex advertising on TV? Forex market attracts the seeming simplicity of the earnings. It seems that, as if by magic, a successful trader makes a couple of mouse clicks, and here they are, the coveted dollars in the account! But it is only at fir

About Forex beginner

When we hear or read in the network of "beginners" in the minds of most frequently raised the image of the young ambitious young men wishing to get hold of the laurels of the Soros Foundation. But today, currency trading is not the preserve of the elite, fielding restrictions by sex or age. On the contrary, in Forex trading are people from different social strata, different sexes, although females, o

Stages of the development of foreign exchange market

Why the trader to know the stages of development of the foreign exchange market? In order to better understand how it works-knowing the history, you can predict the further development of the Forex market and other financial markets, see new perspectives. The trader also learns to better understand the logic of action of other large players (banks, funds, etc.), so it can analyse the causes of those o

How to become a trader in the Forex market?

Many beginners currency speculators interested in the question, How to become a trader. But not just a successful trader, earning decent trader currency trading or a friend of MI. A man who not only has a tidy sum on his deposit, but also regularly makes a profit on this account. A man who understands the intricacies of trading, feels the market and sees its future perfect and secured. Of cou

Profitable Forex trading

Forex trading can be both profitable and unprofitable. Everybody wants to trade profitably, but not all adhere to "recipe for success". The secret to successful trading is simple-persistence in achieving objectives, continuous training and work on oneself. In this article we look at the behavior step by step trader-from beginner to professional, typical beginner mistakes and ways to improve your trad

What is Forex and how to make a lot of money?

Forex, or foreign exchange market is a place where traders buy and sell currencies or other assets. The role of the players in the foreign exchange market are both traders with different sizes of deposits, and financial institutions like banks, foundations, etc. Understanding of the principle of the Exchange Forex allows traders to earn on fluctuations in the value of currencies. The essence is

The concept of online trading

Internet trading (internet trading) is the ability to trade in the currency, stock or commodity-commodity market with the use of the Internet, i.e., controlled remotely. Every day more and more people want to make a profit, so rguâ on the Exchange over the Internet-especially in the Forex market. Trader (trader, speculator) can draw not only on laptop or desktop computer for easy work with the tr

Advice trader

Are full of enthusiasm and anticipates huge profits. Some minds are rationalism and think about the question "Why there are so many traders, but few of them really earn?" in this article we will talk about ways of beginner and try to help him avoid some of the pitfalls. 1. t enirujtes′! Mean trading on a demo account, and after successful testing your trading system (TS)-cent. You

The foreign exchange market to 2012

Foreign exchange market 2012 has its own characteristics. Knowing them, it is much easier to manage assets, trading on Forex, and more. What is prog oz on leading world currencies? Let us look at the underlying trends on world markets this year. It is possible that many of them will be relevant and in the year 2013. The European factor The dominance of the European perspective on the global ma

Forex investment-how does it work?

How real investment in Forex? Or is it only spekulirovanie-bought cheaper sold more expensive? Maybe this is the secret science, which is only given to know a profitable trade and investment of the foreign exchange? Try to understand. Everyone knows that Forex have enormous funds-more than 3 trillion dollars per day is bought and sold on this huge market. Most transactions occur without physical

Why trejdety the account started to massively NDD and ECN?

There are several formats of Forex accounts, in which the broker (dealing Center) allows a trader to buy or sell financial instruments: the most popular STP and ECN accounts. Also there are such trade as DD and NDD. Consider these concepts in more detail. What to choose: DD or NDD? Recently, growing in popularity are services NDD or Non Dealing Desk, that is, without the use of so-ca

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