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Who is Managing Trader?

Today become a trader can manage each. But to become a professional trader manage to which exhibit confidence and investors who earns large sums quickly and easily - by forces not for everyone.

A few tips on how to quickly master the professional trading on the PAMM accounts and receive handsome dividends, we present in this article.

Is it difficult to open a PAMM account?

To open the account's need a reliable broker, preferably with a good rating. We are also very interested in trading conditions PAMM-commerce: the minimum and maximum lot, leverage, minimum deposit, swaps, spreads, commission, etc. Every point is very important, so do not rush and carefully analyze the terms of trade before opening a PAMM-account.

The procedure for opening a PAMM easy and only takes a couple minutes. With sovey hand, we can recommend you the following reliable brokers, allowing the trader to become manage:
1. Alpari: PAMM accounts from $300 dollar. One of the most prominent brokers in RuNet as well as in the world.
2. Company Foreks4yu: Cent as well as the account's dollar. Leverage up to 1:500. Minimum deposit - only $100.
3. InstaForex company: known among brokers as manifold PAMM accounts and good trading conditions together with a deposit bonus.
With practical tips to trading on the PAMM-account you can find on this link.

Choosing a Broker

Why the broker to choose future manager trader? If resources permit, it is advisable to open 2 or 3 accounts with different brokers. Besides developments statistics, you can practice trading conditions to compare different brokers.

Should bear in mind that a novice trader with a small deposit is better to start trading with the PAMM-Cent accounts (broker Forex4you), and if you have experience trading - then create a dollar account at Alpari. $300 would be enough, but serious betting starts with $3000, because only in this initial deposit (or higher), you will find yourself in the PAMM-rating control.

In other words, you should be sure in your own trading system. Large deposit involves great responsibility.

Of great importance is the trading period. Roll-over (roll-over) - is the name of the time when the trader's account no open transactions, and profit or loss is shared between them and investors. The more you close the transaction and, accordingly, the trading period, the more investors like you, because they are more likely to make a profit.

But also artificially reduce the trading period is not necessary. If you have a medium-term trade and not scalping, wait until you really can and needs to close a lucrative deal. For smart long-term investor profit is more important than short-term couple pips.

Little Secrets managing trader

As you know, you can trade Forex hands or use advisers. Trading robot - a great solution for managing trader. But a good and profitable Expert Advisor will often be paid for and, of course, no developer will not give 100% guarantee results. So seriously consider choosing a trading robot.

Expert advisor has a bunch of advantages: lack of emotion, strict adherence to the trading algorithm, constant monitoring of the market in search of profitable entry point, no fatigue, etc. The only drawback is the inability to see the counselor holistic picture of what is happening in the market. But more often it is not required. After all, any trading advisor - this map is in the code of a particular trading strategy, rather than a universal program that traded today so tomorrow is different.

Definitely, an adviser need a dedicated server - VPS. Adviser need uninterrupted communication and good speed of the computer itself.

Establishing adviser to the trading account, you need to know on what strategy he sells what his strengths and weaknesses. Testing station and run through the MT4 strategy tester well complement the overall picture.

Knowing the characteristics of trading advisor, we can check whether a particular broker trading conditions under this EA or not. Advisers using Martingale, demanding the maximum value of the lot. Scalpers important opening and closing speed of transactions etc.

Using profitable EA allows to unload the managing trader and get a steady profit from the trade. Be honest with yourself and investors, to improve their skills - and always will be profit. Look to our backtest trading strategies.

We wish you a successful trading on the PAMM-accounts!

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