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What is Forex Exchange?

Speculation, in other words, trading - one of the most profitable online classes. An experienced trader can make from 5 to 100% profit per month. At the same time start trading is quite simple - you need a computer or laptop with internet access, a small start-up capital (from $100 and above), and, perhaps most importantly, your desire to receive money from mental work. However, the word "work" is not quite appropriate. First, for many beginners, it is just a hobby, a fun hobby, but with time and perseverance certain trading turns into new profitable profession.

Today we will talk about the intricacies of Forex Exchange.

What is Forex Exchange?

Monetary or other type of trading - it is speculation, ie earnings on the change in price. Bought cheaply, sell high, a profit - that's the whole story. In fact, to trade profitably, we need not only knowledge but also practice and constant self, control of emotions, understanding of the market, etc.

Below will try to answer the most common questions beginners trading.
1. What trade?
We recommend starting with our trading currency pairs, ie with the Forex market. There are other markets: the stock (shares and other securities, futures, indices) and Commodity (gold, silver, oil). Interestingly, that thanks to the Internet, you can trade these instruments, from anywhere in the globe.
Forex trading has both advantages and disadvantages. The former include trade around the clock, a large selection of tools, the minimum size requirements for the deposit, and the second - the higher risks compared to, say, the stock market. Forex used high leverage (up to 1:1000), which is fraught with serious losses as well as high yield. Therefore more suitable for conservative Russian stock market or the U.S..

2. The size of the deposit.
For trading on currencies enough 50-100 dollars. But profits will be small. So start trading on small deposit, increasing it over time when you are more confident in the profitability of their trade.
We suggest you evaluate cent accounts broker Forex4you.

3. Up or down?
To consistently earn the foreign exchange market, you need to give enough attention to market analysis and forecasting of future price movements. Basic knowledge of fundamental and technical analysis, as well as the psychology of the other players, you can eventually learn to trade in a stable plus.
Of course, money can be trusted trading advisor or an experienced trader (PAMM), but in this case we are talking about the usual manual trading.

Gambling - Risks and Opportunities

With a serious approach currency trading some time may become your main source of income. Showed some perseverance, almost anyone can learn the profession of a currency trader and make a profit on the difference in rates of any financial instrument. Sometimes such situations arise when an experienced trader makes in a single trading session on 20, 50 or 100% of the profits.

It is important to remember that gambling - it is always investing, having a high level of risk. Better trading with stock funds in addition to the deposit, in case of failure to be able to be recharged trading account and continue to trade. Loss experience is better understood as trying in the future not to repeat mistakes.

Forex Trading - a very promising and interesting direction. Professional traders earn a decent amount as in their funds, and attracting capital investors (PAMM copying trades). However, remember stability. Better to have a 5% per month stable than 20% volatile. Smart investor always appreciate it.
Also, the smart investor will only download best expert advisor free.

Finally, note that currency trading is not even gambling, but rather work. Work on yourself, on emotions, over his own psychology. Ongoing training and analysis. Only job is not to "uncle", but for themselves. The game involves excitement and adrenaline, and work - analysis and probability. Profit from trading potential is limited only by your imagination. You say, "The size of the deposit and profitability," to which you can reply: "And if other investors to raise funds, and reinvest profits?" Everything is in your hands. Study profitable trading, put realistic goals and go for them - and after a while you can trade consistently. As someone said of the well-known traders: "Playing on the stock exchange, think of it as work."

Sincerely wish success in Forex Exchange!

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