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Trading on Forex every day, how much can you earn?

From the way the currency trader, every hurt yourself, "Trading on Forex every day, how much will I earn?" We need not only to compensate the commission for deposit money via electronic payment systems, but also to stay on the bread and butter. How did the day go by a forex trader? Let's face it.

Forex day - the amount of wages

The magnitude of the daily wage is determined by the trader to trade its profitability and the value of the deposit. Profitability, in turn, depends on the aggressiveness and trading strategy. On average, a good trader makes about 10% of the profits from the deposit or more per month. Hence it is easy to calculate the daily profit.

A simple example. Trader deposit is $2000. Profitability per month is 15%, ie this month trader natorguet $300. It is $10 per day if you count the weekend, or $14.3 per day, counting only weekdays ($300 divide by 21 working days = $14.3).

It should be remembered that sometimes even professional traders are unsuccessful in terms of profit days. This is quite normal. Therefore considered better profit on long periods of time - a week, a month or more. See our back testing, they profit from 2010.

A good trader is mindful of compound interest. What does this mean? If you do not take a profit and use the entire deposit to trade (more precisely, not all, and some - in proportion to the increased depot), the profits will be higher due to increased deposit. Therefore it is not always worth withdraw profit as wages - 1 or 2 times a month. If you make a deposit and you will not need in the next couple of months, it makes sense to hold them in the trading account and get more profit. Of course, you should be confident in their trade.

A good trader always knows what he contributed money to the account and tries not to withdraw funds until they have accomplished a trading plan. Having to balance fairly large amount (5000 - $10,000), you can trade without prejudice to record small amounts earned.

As the day goes Forex Trader

Much is determined by the time when a trader trades, as well as how long it takes in accordance with trade strategy. Some traders sit in front of the monitor for days, waiting for the right moment to enter the market. Other sighting spend 1-2 hours to enter the dot position and get out of it. Smart trader tries to minimize their efforts and save your own time. It helps not to be sprayed and agree, not so tiring, especially if the trade occurs in the Asian session (at night). For this purpose, various scripts and trading robots councilors.

Forex Trading script - a program that performs some action, for example, gives a signal that the price of an important breakout level or automate the order opening the installation of stop orders.

Trade Adviser - program that sells independently. Find profitable EA is hard enough, many paid, but sheep worth the candle, as they say. Use trading robots frees time trader and diversify trading risks.

Most traders trade during European (in the morning and before dinner) and American (from lunch till evening) sessions. Rest of the time it turns freely, it can be spent on leisure, family, learning something new, etc. For a trader is very important concentration on what you're doing, because errors in trading always cost money.

Also important alternation commerce and leisure. Many do exercises for your arms and back or general. This increases the overall tone, and helps to switch to trade more profitably, not to mention the health benefits.

At the end of the trading day, it is important to summarize the results of trade. Analyze the errors, identify a trading plan for the next day. You can and should enjoy a little of the profits, and then with a calm heart to close the trading terminal and do something else, preferably not connected to the computer.

Day Trading Forex trader is different. The main thing - to protect the psyche as stress shortens life. Any resulting gains happy - it is important that it was stable. Many of the known traders except those trade have other interests (have a blog, play musical instruments or addicted to a healthy lifestyle). This allows you to allocate your time and get the most from every direction.

We wish every day to profit from trading and remember that the gains from trade is highly dependent on the chosen broker!

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