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Profitable Forex advisors for small deposits

Not every Forex trader has a lot of capital to trade. So many interested adviser for small deposits, namely 50-300, $500 maximum. Such deposit must satisfy two conditions: the possibility of a full-fledged trade on it very Adviser, as well as obtaining more or less decent profit trader. And it's real.

Today we are going to talk about Forex advisors for small deposits.
But do not forget about the other best day trading software.

Basic principles of trade adviser for small deposits

Really distinguish two variants of such trade experts: Martingale method and scalping. Trading Martingale - quite controversial topic for most traders. If EA trades risky, it has a better chance to quickly increase the deposit of 2-4 times over a short period. But also a high risk of loss of the entire deposit. So either use an aggressive trade, with the stock in another account to resume trading on the ground in the event of discharge or reduce risks. The latter can be done in two ways: to increase the deposit by limiting the number of deals offered by the robot, or to reduce the so-called factor. Factor used to determine the size of the next open position. Most often a factor in the range 1.5 - 1.8. the exact value of the multiplier is determined by the developer of the expert or the optimization of this parameter during testing on historical data.

When scalping Forex advisors for small deposits offer many divergent positions, closing with a small profit. When this item is used by one or more. This is another difference from the Martingale, where the betting starts with the minimum lot (0.01).

Featured adviser for small deposits

Of known robots to trade on small deposits note 4 options: Piplaser, Bunny (Rabbit), EA Better and Wall Street (Wall Street). An interesting fact is that the famous MT4 trading terminal incorporates experts to trade on small deposits. Traders are looking for new items and rarely used standard options of MT4 - but in vain. Properly arranging options trading basic options experts can bring a steady income.

Consider a brief description of 4 of the above experts.

Forex Advisor Piplaser

Trading in the Asian session. Pair USD/CAD, TF - M15. Developed in 2011 by the same programmers who created Megadroid. Scalper. Trades are opened rarely, but profitable. Advisor can be found in the public domain or buy from developers.

Forex Advisor Bunny

Trades on the major pairs from 10 to 16.00 Moscow time, TF - M1. Martingale uses. The latest official version - 2.2. Minimum depot - $50.

Some traders are advised to disable multiplication lot at unprofitable transactions.
Costs about $100. Can be found for free, but there is no guarantee correct operation.

Advisor Forex EA Better

The developers claim that the expert uses a neural network that allows him to memorize the market shapes and combinations, which subsequently makes a profit. Given that the market is subject to constant change, so, too, the neural network must constantly relearn. Thus, the advisor needs to optimize your settings at least once in 6 months.

Trades mostly with the trend, holding the position for several hours. TF - any optimally H1. Currency pairs - EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, GBP/JPY.

Advisor Forex EA Better is one of the most self-learning robots that automatically adapts to the ever changing market conditions.

Advisor Forex Wall Street EA

Trades around the clock. 90% of transactions are opened during periods when the broker gives the lowest spread and market liquidity is maximized.

Unused pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY. TF - M15.
The archive with the expert you will find a file with the extension *.Dat. It must be placed in a folder Libraries (library).
Cost Adviser Wall Street EA - $500. Online available free copy at your own risk.

So we have completed an overview adviser for small deposits. As you can see, the selection is quite good, you will find an expert to your liking. Do not forget to test before installing the robot on a real account, but also very desirable to use a licensed version. Thus, you get both support the developer and will be sure to correct the most trade expert. Cracked versions lack these advantages.

Profit, and remember that the profitability of trading robot very much depends on your broker!

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