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No deposit bonus from Forex broker InstaForex

It is no secret that many novice traders do not have much capital to start trading in the foreign exchange market. But what to say, not many are willing to allocate the budget of even $100-300 to trade on cent account. What to do? It turns out there is such a thing as a no deposit bonus forex. Ie can be traded without making its own funds.

Today we will talk about getting a no deposit bonus from Forex broker InstaForex (yes Video instructions).

Making money and communicate

There are several reliable Forex forums, where the future trader can communicate and get paid for it! We will talk about MT5 RuForum remarkable broker InstaForex. Cost of 1 post (message) is 30 cents. The money accumulated and once a month are transferred to the trading account, open the link that you will see in its settings after registering on the forum.

Money can not be removed, but they can be traded. For example, you have accumulated $200, got them to your trading account. You begin to trade and all that gain by selling over the current deposit, you can shoot (cash).

Forex deposit bonus - how much can you earn?

If you make an effort and you will read and comment on various topics, then $200 a month is real. If privlche other traders (referrals), the earnings figures will be more pleasant. The "advanced" users forum MT5 RuForum receive from $400 per month.

If the person who came to the forum on your link (available from the settings of his office), wrote a post, and it passed moderation, the user will receive 30 cents, and you are invited new forumchanin - 10 cents. Agree, not bad!

If you do not have a site or a subscription database, you can simply throw the register link friends - via Skype, Facebook or Contact. The forum discussed a variety of topics, interesting to talk to both experienced and novice currency traders.

Are moderated

Not all the posts (messages) will be accepted. Some moderators can (and should) be rejected. Why is this happening and how to write a post that he held moderation?

Well, firstly, the message must be meaningful. Do not write: "A-ah," "You're Th!" Or "fig ce".
Second, the length of the message should be within reason. 2 words - this is not a post. And here are some suggestions relating to the forum - the most it.
And third, just try not to fill the posts, and really communicate. Share interesting facts, thoughts, and their own experiences, discuss ideas or strange things. A good trader is always open to the new and must constantly learn to stay in profit.
If a person writes to write - it is immediately obvious. In addition, with the number of posts approved by moderators growing confidence in you - how on the part of the moderators ("A 1000 messages Ok writes, well done!"), And a user forum. Trolls on this forum do not live long.
Yes, and very desirable - no copy-paste. Forum indexed by search engines, so modernizing zealously protect the uniqueness of the text, ie messages. Write their own, and not the thoughts of others - they are just unique.

From experience: going to the forum, select some really interesting topics and you write one post in each of them. You can create bookmarks in your browser to keep track of new posts in these topics, you can simply copy the link to the text file. As new messages and the development of discussion, write your opinion. That's all the money began to accrue! Also on the bonus work well with best expert advisor for mt4.

So, to really get a no deposit bonus forex simple enough. You invest only your time productively while communicating and getting useful information about trading. If you are interested, please come to one of the most famous of the forums about the Forex InstaForex Company - MT5 RuForum. Lots of fun!

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