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Investing in the Forex market, or rather, in trade - a lucrative, albeit risky kind of investment. To invest in currency trading, you only need capital of any magnitude. But to invest in low-risk, reliable, excluding non-trading risks - for this you need experience.

Today we look at investment in Forex market.

Types of investments in Forex Exchange

The most popular ways to invest in currency trading are the following:

1. independent trade.
2. PAMM investing.
3. other asset management (DM) - private traders or funds.
4. copy services transactions.
5. Automated trading (advisors).

Let us briefly consider the risks and profitability of each direction.

1. Need for independent trade practice and time. First trader practicing on a demo account, then - at the micro (Cent), and later transferred to the larger amount (dollar bill). Difficult to become a successful trader. Constant training, tracking and analysis of the market situation, search profitable strategy - all this falls on the shoulders of the trader. To make manual trading on the Forex exchange, you need to be a professional. But, on the other hand, it's interesting, promising and very profitable, though stretched over time.

2. Investing in the PAMM-account. Selecting a professional manager Trader (PAMM-account), you can earn interest, not trading personally. Earnings of 5% per month. Here the main thing - do not invest all your money in one account (diversification), and select multiple accounts with different styles of trading. For example, two conservative accounts (80% of the capital) and one aggressive (20% of the capital). Peck profit. What PAMM choose? We advise you to appreciate the convenience of investing PAMM Alpari

3. Investing in funds and private traders. Primarily need assurance that trading Forex is really going on, otherwise the fund - a banal pyramid paying money to depositors exclusively by new investors. It safeguards include real Steytment and better monitoring (eg, no claims on WMID WebMoney reviewed investors on forums and blogs with screenshots payments. It is desirable that the amounts were decent, but not $100-200. And of course, the longer the fund pays (from six months or more), the more reliable. Some investors prefer to invest in funds that have just opened, hoping to quickly recapture their money and get out - and often this approach is justified. But the risks and at times more. We're in a more conservative approach.

4. Copy services transactions. Among the most popular services autocopying transactions should be noted Share4you from Forex4you and InstaCopy from inst. The bottom line is that the transaction successful trader is copied for a fee on your account. Earned a trader - you too have made a profit. Not earned - you also loss.
Analyzing trade trader and its profitability, we can estimate your potential income. Copy services transactions are particularly relevant for traders with little capital, because many traders using risky trade disperse deposit by 50-200% per month.
Still advise search traders of more stable, if you have a decent capital - at $1000. Stable - about 10% per month and above.

5. Automated trading does not require the presence of the trader, robots do all the work (Expert Advisors). You only need a dedicated server (UPU) and profitable trading advisor. Trading robots can be both paid and free. Before installing the live account will appreciate the trade advisor on strategy tester.

Using several advisers who show good results in history, you will significantly reduce the risks and increase the profitability of trading. Recommend that you keep in the arsenal 1-2 scalpers and several long-term robot trading on different currency pairs.
This year, the best expert advisor 2013 you can download on my site.

Results: As you can see, the right investment in the Forex market is impossible without a systematic, deliberate approach, without the risk analysis and asset allocation. Less than 3% of all people living on the interest. And Forex - only a part of their financial plan. But it is the foreign exchange market can fairly quickly multiply your money in order so that you can live on the profits and create new sources of income. We wish you successful investing!

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