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How to install robots.
Put robot file .ex4 to a folder in your terminal "experts". Put .set file to a folder in your terminal "tester".
We further recommend that optimize and select settings.

Optimization of robots.
- Click in the terminal on the control panel "Strategy Tester".
- Select Expert Advisor.
- Select Symbol (trading pair).
- The model does not choose (every tick).
- We recommend to use the date 1 year. That's enough to select profitable settings.
The next step...
- Select the period for this robot (information is in the file name or the setting in our tests).
- Spread is not changed.
- Then press the expert properties.
- Push the load, and choose our settings from the archive.
- By changing the control parameters necessary money to your account and the broker (lot, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, etc.). If you have 5 digit quotes, you will also need to change the settings if the robot does not change automatically.
- Then choose your deposit and optimization options.
- In the optimization parameters, we recommend that you change only the minimum balance, the minimum margin and maximum drawdown. All at your convenience.
- Next, click OK, and optimize. Waiting for the best settings.

If you do not understand something. Please mail me, I'll help with the settings and optimization.

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This page is for setting EA
Follow all instructions:

Before installing on the charts, open quotations ( "Market Overview")
right click and choose "show all characters" to load the quotes of dollar pairs.

The minimum deposit for opening an account should be 15-20 times more
Minimum lot.
Leverage at the opening should always choose the maximum
On the next page is a list of brokers, recommended types of accounts and minimum the size of the deposit for Adviser (in some cases, the minimum
limited deposit broker)

1) copy the files in a directory gmtstdHH.csv experts/files/ and tester/files/
2) the key file XXXXX_vXXXX.key also directory of experts/files/ and tester/files/
2) copy the configuration files *.set of folders corresponding broker
files in a directory experts/presets/ and tester/
3) copy Adviser euronis_vXXXX.ex4 directory experts/
4) opens a graphics M15, those pairs that correspond to names of settings
selected a broker, when you transfer counselor at the graph in the input
parameters, press the button "open" and load the settings for
This currency pair!
Councilor able to trade for 6 currency pairs:
M15 but to reduce the risks of large subsidence are recommended
three currency pairs EURGBP M15, EURCAD M15, GBPCAD M15.
Depending on the broker configuration for each pair are for
trade as well as to cross through the dollar.
In the names of configuration files "cr_" means that for this pair
trade will be conducted through the dollar (CrossOverMode)
5) Check-time adviser to the comment line "Trade
Time SET (MSK-2) "- should be the central European time, equal
Moscow has always minus 2 hours. If so, then you're probably done.
6) After installation, you must reboot the terminal.

Advisor to the recommended settings sells four nights a week
2 hours with 22 to 0 on SET (from 0 to 2 in Moscow)
If you're having problems installing the adviser, then we can set
you yourself via remote desktop using a special program

More details in the instruction.

CAUTION While trade through the dollar CrossOverMode Advisor
works in a looped mode, ie checks every 250ms quotes
dollar pairs. At the same time, to change the settings adviser to
prohibit the work of advisers (the button "Advisors"), then will be available
input parameters, an adviser to the changes.

CAUTION After changing the account settings or adviser must
reboot the terminal.

CAUTION While CrossOverMode (trade across the U.S.) is recommended
include a terminal for 2-3 hours before the trading time to
Adviser was able to form a story based on dollar quotes.

CAUTION Until the Advisor did not close all the orders can not be
off the terminal!

CAUTION If you use Windows Vista operating system
or Win7 is trading terminal MetaTrader4 should be set below the
system disk (usually the system is on drive C, ie in the case
should establish a terminal on the drive D)!

I advise you to use the recommended settings, but you can optionally
Adviser to test and find your broker more than the optimal
adjustment in the light of the chosen strategy.
Testing and optimization should be fixed Lot
(Eg Lots = 0.1). In all tests necessary to achieve the optimum ratio
parameters of the profit/profitability/mat.expectation
1) When switched off FletFilterLevel = 0 and ProfitSensLevel = 0 optimize
SettingsNumber from 1 to 20
2) For the optimal value SettingsNumber optimize
FletFilterLevel from 0 to 20
3) The third parameter Optmize ProfitSensLevel from 0 to 10.
If you are interested in several combinations of parameters, you can
then test them with a dynamic lot for Lots = 0 and
set value LotsPercent (10 .. 20 for EURGBP and 17 .. 35 for
EURCAD and GBPCAD) and select options with greater profit and less
maximum drawdown in %.

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