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How to make money in the Forex market with a counselor?

About how to make money in the Forex market with a counselor, I thought for sure, every trader who has already tried his hand at speculation currency transaction. Still - the adviser does not know tiredness, trades strictly according to the algorithm, there are no emotions. Know piss periodically profit and you will be happy. Tale!

In fact, as is often the case, the implementation of the "golden" Brook is not as simple as it seems. Adviser or lose the deposit broker or temporarily suspend trading or expand spreads, you can install the take profit of 10 points, the trader or misconfigured trading robot.
At the same time earn on Forex with a counselor may even need! Let's deal.

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Ways to Earn on Forex with an advisor

1. EA trades, the trader makes a profit.

Easy way. For full trade expert need a dedicated server (VPS) and, actually, a counselor. Replenish deposit, set adviser for a merchant account, set up - and make a profit!
Pitfalls: find profitable trading advisor is not easy. More precisely, profitable in the long run. Many advisers require a large deposit - $1000, considering the profitability of trading (5-20% per month) and the value of the trading robot.

A good trader or investor always has in its arsenal at least 2 trading advisor. This provides diversification of investments and income averaging in the "bad" months when one of the robots is in loss.

2. Advisor is installed on the PAMM.

Very promising way to profit. Establish trade expert at the PAMM has opened a dedicated server, a month or two to accumulate statistics - and see how investors are starting to catch up. As a result, after a while EA trades at a fairly large amount, and you get a percentage of the profits earned on other people's money. Everybody is happy. How to open a PAMM manager, watch the video.

PAMM-account opening, be sure to create topic at broker. Periodically write in the subject of the profit (Advisor earned 5% this week - write). It is important to provide users of the forum, including potential investors, links both on a PAMM account and its monitoring (eg MyFxBook).

Avoid criticizing others, talking on the forum, and calm, reasoned reply to criticism in your address. Thus, users will see that you are confident in trade adviser, and will be actively involved in the offer PAMM.

Link to your PAMM-account you can paste into your signature to. Communicating in different themes, you will attract people to your PAMM topic. Write interesting posts and ask questions.

Oh, and be sure to check how suitable trading conditions PAMM trade your adviser. If the maximum lot equals 10, and EA trades Martingale, you need to either work around this limitation, or look for another broker. Some brokers prohibit scalping, although lately there are very little.

How to make money in the Forex market with a counselor and avoid mistakes

Before purchasing advisor necessarily gather as much information about it. Reviews Steytment with tests and real trades, monitoring - the maximum. You need to understand how trading robot, otherwise the risk of losing money in a moment. If this is a scalper, the minimum lot is unimportant, and pay attention to the speed of opening and closing orders. If the examiner uses the Martingale - need a broker that allows you to open 0.01 lot transactions, including on cent account. And so on.

Before you put the trade advisor on real money, hold it for at least a week on a demo account. Be sure to drive out on the history of the currency pair for at least the last 2 years. Convinced that EA trades a plus - go for real, but not on the dollar and cent account for. A week or two profitable trade - you can open a dollar account. Believe me, the only way you can avoid big losses.

That's it. As you can see, to make money on Forex with a counselor is quite real. Moreover, consistently make a profit, too, can - we need only means more profitable and your expert care with diligence.
Successful automated trading and remember that the profitability of trading advisor very much depends on your broker!

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