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How to install templates in MT4 Forex

Each trader had to install a new lamp or an adviser to the trading terminal MT4 Forex change the default template. But if you are new to trading, the thumbs times you may experience some difficulties with changing the default settings MT4. Therefore, in today's article we will examine the process of installing and changing patterns Forex and tell when it might be useful. But do not forget about the backtest forex software with templates.

Why change the templates Forex?

Standard template Forex often boring. In addition, the eyes may become tired trader, constantly watching the price fluctuations on a black background with squares. Acid green and black gamma may eventually act as a stimulus, which is absolutely not necessary and we will not interfere with trade. Therefore, you can use one of the other templates offered to us developers MT4 or create your template Forex.

Sometimes changing the template is used when there are built-in indicators or advisers. After loading the basic template we can change some of the details (eg, color). Important not to change other settings that are important for trading (not delete indicators, etc.)

Create or change the templates Forex

Pressing F8 or by selecting from the context menu select Properties (right-click on the graph), we get into the menu where you can manually adjust the color gamut of everything we see on the chart. This includes background, bear and bull candle levels of stop orders and prices, etc. Choosing what we like and click OK.

After that we need to save all the settings when opening the next chart, we did not set up all the colors again. To do this in the context menu, select the item template → Save Template. Specify the path to save. The file will have tpl (folder Templates). You can also select this menu from the toolbar at the top of MT4 - Charts menu → Template → Save Template.

That's all, dear reader! Installing a new template takes a couple of seconds. Choice of adjustable parameters is large enough, choose what you like and does not tire the eyes.

Pleasant colors, profitable trading and remember that the gains from trade is highly dependent on the chosen broker!

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