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How to install Advisor in MT4?

Today we will talk about how to install a counselor in the MT4 trading terminal. In most cases, the developer of the archive with trading robot provides installation instructions adviser. If not - read the material below. Installation is simple and advisor will not take long. The main thing - to understand why and what we are doing.

How to install Advisor - start

Once you have unpacked the archive with trading robot, copy the file (extension *.Ex4 or *.Mq4) into the folder Experts program MT4. Approximate path - C:/ ProgramFiles/MetaTrader4/experts.

Note that advisors can be compiled (*.Ex4), ie their code is closed and not compiled (*.mq4). Compiled adviser has a gray color (Fig. 1), the code can not be opening MQL4 editor and, accordingly, any changes. Code Advisors normal color can be changed.

Often with trading robot are initial settings - so-called set-files (extension *.set). They need to copy the folder experts/presets.

Set-files store information about the initial parameters of the robot, which were obtained by the developer during the optimization advisor. If you are able to optimize the trade advisor in MT4 strategy tester, you can create and save a new, improved set-files with different settings. Because the market is changing and often need to adapt to make a profit.

Besides the above types of files may be present trading robots and other:
*.Dll - often attached to commercial (paid) Expert Advisors. These files help the developer to control the absence of copying advisers. Files *.Dll copied to the experts/libraries.
*.Ex4 or *.Mq4-indicators that are necessary for the correct operation of the expert. Copy the experts/indicators.

How to install Advisor - continue

Download (copy) all the files you want to reboot your MT4 trading terminal. Open the window of a currency pair, on which we plan to establish trading advisor. Pay attention to the timeframe. Next, go to Tools → Settings → Advisors and shall show, as in Figure 2.

Paragraphs "Disable experts when the account" and "Disable experts when the profile" can be held as included and turned off - depending on whether you plan to use this terminal to different accounts and profiles.

Navigator window open → Advisors, drag the mouse robot currency pair chart. Recall that the color advisor does not affect its performance, but only on the ability to edit the code.

After adviser moved to schedule, we will see a window showing the input parameters. Change them manually using the instructions to the expert, or use the settings of the set-file (download button, and then specify the path to the configuration file).

Click OK. If you did everything right, in the upper right corner we see a smiley face.

If instead of the smiley see the cross and the name of the adviser, then most likely you have not pressed Advisors menu in the toolbar.

If you install several advisers to the trading account or a robot must trade on several currency pairs simultaneously, each new advisor must be installed on a new schedule: 2 Councillor - 2 graphics, etc.

Also, you need a dedicated server, so-called VPS, Advisor to work around the clock and could not break connection.

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That's it. Now you know how to install Advisor correctly. We wish you much profit from automated trading! Good luck and remember that profitability advisor greatly depends on your broker!

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