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When you are looking for a Trader Coach/Mentor - Just ask them a
simple question? Can I watch you trade LIVE?

At BindalFX we walk the talk, at our seminars you can watch us TRADE
LIVE all day on a Real Trading account. You learn Plus You Earn.

"Trading better today and every day is the key to success. Consistent success is to keep improving every day by reviewing your Trading Journal, What did you learn from it and what you would apply today so as to achieve consistent success." Jayendra Lakhani from “Forex Mastery a Child's Play”

Bindal Momentum Indicators

Bindal Momentum Indicator is an MT4 software, which gives out real-time BUY and SELL signal. When a signal comes you will get a sniper circle on the chart and a sound alert and pop up, thereafter you simply follow the trading system and effortlessly take trade after trade.

Live Trading Webinar

Jay Lakhani will share his trading screen, and you are going to see him LIVE taking trade after trade with great ease. At Bindal FX we walk the talk, we will show you what to do, when to do and how to do it! Trading need not be difficult. It should be effortless and a Child’s Play.

Live Trading Workshop

At all our LIVE trading workshops, you will be able to see Jay Lakhani on stage trading his live account, not just for 1 hour, but all day long. Often the LIVE trading starts from the European Open till the US Close, which is more than 12 hours of live trading, which also covers training on the Bindal indicators.

One to One Mentoring

A three month personalised mentoring programme that is designed and specifically tailored for YOU as an individual and to suit your style of trading. It is my mission to create a community of successful forex traders, and I will help you to trade profitably.

Platinum Membership

A 12 months membership for the professional traders. I will hold your hand and guide you step by step on how to make massive profits from the markets. You will have unlimited access to me, and I shall be guiding you in LIVE trading sessions, where your trading skill will be improving so that after some time you are able to fish on your own.

Trader Psychology

This section will help you with consistent trading success by sharing some of Jay Lakhani’s quotes. How you can avoid over trading, revenge trading, impulse trading which will destroy your account. This section gives you the tools on getting into a low risk high probability trades, an iron clad discipline to consistently follow your rules.



Ferdinand Plitz

Hi Jay – Just to say that my first trading week has been very successful, I had 22.4% ROI (451 pips) and during the past week, not a single losing day. Really appreciate your LIVE trading broadcasts, particularly the emphasis on Trader psychology.

Bubs Dharni

Jay – Following the Bindal Trading mastery system is really a child’s play, I can’t believe I made it as hard as I did. Thank you for the ongoing advice and guidance and motivating me all the time. This year is going to be a game changer.

Christophe Broillet

To begin with trading was very difficult and I was regularly losing money all the time. I was fortunate to come across Jay Lakhani, and attended a 3 day LIVE Workshop in London, which included one full day of live trading. Jay made it look so easy, and with his help I have been able to learn the mechanics of trading and most importantly focussing more on Trader psychology.

Forex Trading Mentor

The internet is full of Forex trading “mentors” doing anything from selling Ebooks, ‘magical’ sounding trading systems, live trading rooms, and just about anything as closely marketed to ‘over-night success’ as you can get . So, how can you be sure which Forex mentors are phonies and which are genuine? Also, what are some of the important characteristics to look for in a quality Forex mentor and how do you know if you can trust them? What should you be learning from your Forex trading mentor, and do you even know what you are looking for? This article will answer these questions and hopefully provide you with some solid insight into what you should be looking for in a Forex trading mentor so that you can make the best decision as you learn to trade Forex.

Find a REAL Forex trading mentor…

The first step in finding and committing to a Forex trading mentor is finding one that is not just another internet salesman, but who is actually a genuine and professional Forex mentor AND trader. Obviously, if the person you are trying to learn from is only a mentor or only a trader, it won’t work. You really need the perfect pairing of mentor qualities and professional trading abilities in order to learn to trade forex effectively and efficiently. Many people on the internet claim to be great Forex educators or Forex trading mentors, but in reality they are only doing what they do because they are failed traders. Conversely, there are many great Forex traders out there who aren’t very good mentors and so they go unnoticed as they take money out of the Forex market every week and go about their happy lives.

There really is no 100% sure-fire way to know if the Forex trading mentor you are considering is truly a pro Forex trader AND an excellent mentor. All you can do is make your judgment on this matter based on the information they provide about themselves on the internet, through email, or over the phone. If you can find very little evidence that the person you are considering learning from actually trades successfully themselves, then it is time to move on and keep looking. If you feel like the person you are considering learning from doesn’t explain the concepts they are teaching clearly or in an effective manner, then you also should continue your search for a Forex trading mentor elsewhere. Remember that a REAL Forex trading mentor will have a unique flair for teaching AND will also be a successful Forex trader.

Important characteristics of a Forex mentor…

• Trust – Being able to trust a Forex trading mentor is critical to your on-going forex education success and your ability to have faith and believe in what they are teaching you. If you constantly doubt whether or not you should trust your Forex mentor you are going to also second guess the trading concepts they are teaching you, and if there is one thing you don’t want to be it’s a doubt-full Forex trader.

• Genuine Intentions – What vibe do you get from your Forex mentor? Do you feel like they are just trying to sell you something and take your money or that they are actually concerned that people learn the concepts they are teaching correctly? Intentions can be hard to gauge for even the most genuine Forex trading mentors simply because there will usually be a fee charged for their services. A good indicator that they are truly genuine however is whether or not they answer your email inquiries or provide any form of customer support regarding the Forex education or forex course they are offering.

• Realistic –
It is critical that your Forex trading mentor is realistic in their approach to teaching you how to trade Forex. This means that they remind you that successful forex trading is hard work and is not for impatient or undisciplined people. Essentially, you want a Forex trading mentor who isn’t going to sugar-coat anything, promise you anything that can’t be obtained from what they teach, or otherwise blow any smoke up your (you know what).

• Professionalism – How does your Forex mentor or prospective Forex trading mentor act towards you when you ask them an email question, or how do they seem in their Forex trading videos if they have any? True Forex trading professionalism will be reflected in the way a mentor teaches his or her students, this is sort of an indescribable characteristic that you almost just have to “sense” in a mentor.

What should you learn from your Forex trading mentor…?

Finally, what should you be learning from your Forex trading mentor, and do you even know what you are looking for? If you don’t know what you are trying to learn from a Forex mentor, it is going to be very difficult for you to find one that suits you. You need to take into consideration such factors as your own personal time constraints, whether you want to be a day-trader or position trader, your learning style, and other factors before you commit to the Forex trading strategy being taught by the mentor you are considering. Simply put, if you don’t know where you are going you can’t properly plan how to get there.

It goes without saying that you want to learn a truly effective Forex trading strategy from the forex trading mentor you decide to work with. However, many beginning traders erroneously assume that an effective trading strategy is one that makes use of lagging indicators or fancy sounding trading software. You don’t need a mentor to teach you how to trade off a strict set of rules for lagging indicators or how to use a piece of trading software, that’s why such trading “systems” usually cost thousands of dollars (and also why they don’t work). You need a Forex trading mentor to teach you how to fish for yourself and how to develop your own perspective on Forex market price dynamics, such a perspective will not fade over time or become ineffective. Once you develop this perspective you can take off the “training wheels” that your Forex mentor is providing and at that point you will realize just how powerful learning from an experienced Forex trading mentor can be.

For more Information on Forex Mentoring, Check out Nial Fuller‘s Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading Mentor!

The forex market is a vast arena for foreign currency rate speculation that has taken off in recent years and become increasingly easy to access and put money into. While this is a good thing for traders with a solid foundation in forex trading strategies, those traders who are brand new to the game might find themselves a bit lost if they do not enlist the help of a qualified forex trading mentor. Having someone to guide as you learn to trade who is experienced and successful can literally be the difference between achieving success in the forex market and blowing out numerous trading accounts.

Learning any skill or profession is significantly easier with the help of an experienced mentor, and it is no different with forex trading. When you have a forex mentor to guide you in the early stages of your trading career it can drastically reduce your learning curve by helping you to avoid many of the most common mistakes that beginning traders make. A forex training mentor can either be a direct personal guide or someone who offers a forex training course that provides you with a logical flow of information to successfully trade the market with. Many beginning traders find themselves somewhat lost and confused by the overload of information there is on the internet these days about forex and how best to trade it.

You do not have to end up in the masses of confused traders; you can leap over them by enlisting the services of a qualified, trusted, and respected forex trading training mentor. It is obviously possible to teach yourself how to trade, however, the cost you will pay by going through all the trial and error will far exceed any cost you incur by paying a forex trading mentor to show you the ropes. The forex training mentors who put out a comprehensive and effective forex course are able to offer their services much cheaper than one on one forex mentors. Essentially, the best bang for your buck when it comes to learning how to trade the forex market comes from finding an experienced trader who has developed a quality forex trading course and learning from it. A good quality forex training course will be your guide to the forex market, you can use it whenever you want and you can learn to trade around your own specific schedule.

Finally, there are essentially two routes you can take on your journey to learning how to trade forex profitably. The first route is the self-taught route, while you might still get to your destination of becoming a successful forex trader; it is very likely going to be an extremely rough journey with many ups and downs and uncertainties along the way, not to mention thousands of lost dollars. The second route is the forex trading mentor route, this route might seem unnecessary at first, but forex trading is a very deceptive game; it seems easy on the surface, but once you get into it a little more it becomes a very tricky game of elusive profits. Utilize the services of a forex mentor who has already found success in the markets, and your own success will be much easier to obtain.

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