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I purchased the Lifetime license for the Strategy Builder. I expressed my opinions in my first post on October 25, 2017. The main problem I had, I was unable to upload my broker's price data. As I mentioned earlier, instructions and guides are lacking. I was unable to resolve the problems after having a dialog with Miroslav through the site forum. There are different ways described in various areas of the site and scattered YouTube videos regarding uploading broker price data to Strategy Builder. Some of this instruction is in conflict. I probably could have worked it out in time, however with 1290 euro at risk for the purchase price, I decided to take advantage of the money back guarantee while I could. Miroslav immediately refunded my entire investment immediately with absolutely no problem.

Oct 25, 2017 - No Rating October 25, 2017 - I am amazed there are few reviews about Forex Strategy Builder (FSB). There are some negatives, but the positives are overwhelming. First, of all I am a new licensed FSB User. I have about four weeks of testing and researching this product before I paid a relatively significant $1,290 Euro for a Lifetime License. The software is downloaded to your machine. I was sick of MT4 Strategy Tester for a variety of reasons, mainly the lack of any speed. FSB is like comparing the speed of a fighter jet to a horse carriage (MT4). FSB can perform over 1,000,000 calculations in five minutes. FSB analyzes 111 (one hundred and eleven) indicators and price conditions at lightening speed with over 45 settings available in each time frame. FSB links up to eight indicators to produce winning trades. You can add additional custom indicators and custom code. I was amazed to see FSB re-analyze open positions and modify with different logic that usually produces additional profit. A trader can insert their own various strategies or just let FSB do its thing (my preference). I am running at about one viable EA out of ten tests. It is still early in demo trading, but I am exceeding my trading objectives at this time only with FSB produced EAs. I intend to go LIVE next week and will update this post in a few weeks. This would be a Five Star Review, at this point of my experience, except One Point is deducted for the following reasons: The developer, Miraslov Popov, appears to be brilliant. He has a loyal following of traders dating back to 2006, when FSB was first introduced. FSB continues to be a work in progress. According to the very active and current Forums on the web site, FSB gets better and better. Miroslav evidently does not have a large staff. He answers emails himself. He relies on the Forums to answer new Users questions. The web site Documents and Guides are not current with the current build of FSB. New Users have to try to piece together how to operate FSB, which is fairly complex with all the different features and possibilities. Miraslov produced a ton of videos, which are a little hard to understand, (English is not Miraslov's native language), but many videos are not based on the current build. Miraslov concentrates on continually improving his various products, so hand holding for newbies may not be available. The bottom line is, FSB creates and optimizes EAs at lightening speed. It appears based on my brief demo experience, profitable complex EAs can be produced in a few hours. There is only one other product that I have found that is close to FSB. Its called Strategy Quant, which appeared to me to be even more difficult to master. However Strategy Quant employs aggressive marketing and intense follow-up. I decided to put my money with a lone genius developer. More to come, stay tuned.

So far, I'm really satisfied with the software. It's obviously not a holy grail in forex trading. But It can filter out bad strategies from your portfolio.

It can backtest your strategy thousands times faster (no kidding) than the typical backtester. Also it can convert your strategy into an EA.

The support is also superb, Miroslav Popov is a very dedicated person.

I've used this program Forex Strategy Builder for 6 months. It is a back tester for technical trading systems.
- Free
- Extremely fast backtesting (instant calculations)
- More than 50 indicators
- Everything is on the menus and no formulas necessary
- Different scenarios of backtesting
- Automatic strategy generator

- The docs are in a development stage
- No live forex rates

Forex Strategy Builder Professional

Generate automatically Forex Strategies

  • Generate automatically strategies for Forex trading
  • Create manually strategies and automate them
  • Define entry and exit logical conditions
  • See the results of the strategy in real time
  • Use historical data from your Broker

Analyze the created strategies

  • Analyze your strategy before you risk your capital
  • Monte Carlo will help you avoid over-optimization
  • Multi Markets will show you the other markets
  • Decide to use the strategy before even testing it
  • Determine the robustness of the strategy

Create experts with one click

  • Create the expert advisors with one click
  • Access to the code of the experts
  • Create experts for Meta Trader 4 & Meta Trader 5
  • Control the inputs of the Expert Advisors
  • Trade with confidence

Forex Strategy Builder Professional






A useful and straightforward application that helps you to quickly create and test a trading strategy for the Internet Forex market

Since more and more websites hold collections of forex trading algorithms that help you analyze stock markets, Forex Strategy Builder Professional provides you with the means to establish your own strategy based on your trading preferences and preferred broker markets.

Building a feasible strategy gives you the possibility to make money by determining the overall market direction of a currency, then trade in the same direction.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional uses in-depth technical analysis and professional tools to dissect forex trading strategies, it provides you with a strategy Editor, Generator and Optimizer to perfect your market plan of action.

Build and test various Forex strategies

Before establishing a strategy, you need to create an account by selecting the currency, be it USD or EURO, the initial amount of money you want to invest, the leverage ratio, the data source and exchange symbol, and optionally your account's exchange rate.

After initializing the application, you have the possibility to build your strategy based on a few predefined demo samples including Bollinger ADX, Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, MACD Reversal, Trading the News (NFP), Optimizer, Weekly Trading, Comparator and Test Trade, just to get you started.

To further guide you, Forex Strategy Builder Professional includes a Data Source preset, 'FSB Demo data' and a set of historical data files in CSV format for demonstration purposes. Once you are familiarized with all the information required to create a data source, you can add a new one by specifying the data directory location.

Balance/Equity and indicator charts help you decide how much capital you can use to trade in order to reach a positive outcome. Trade journals allow you to predict where prices are likely to go and when it is the right time to trade.

Effective Forex strategy tester

All in all, Forex Strategy Builder Professional is a comprehensive software application that allows you to efficiently test Forex strategies, providing you with accurate technical analysis to evaluate current market currency exchanges. Additionally, its intuitive interface allows you to easily create, backtest and test strategies using a single application.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional is part of these download collections: Forex Clients

Forex Strategy Builder (EUR/USD 1hour >2000 pips profit. )

Forex Strategy Builder v2.2.1

Using Forex Strategy Builder (FSB) you can quickly create and test a trading strategy for the internet FOREX market. You can also get better understanding of the technical indicators without writing scripts or using formulas. All indicators are built in the program and their parameters and logic can be chosen from a drop-down menu. Detailed charts will visualize the changes of the FOREX prices, all the deals made and even the change in your bank account if you were to use the particular strategy. You can also look at the automatic journals to see all the market actions. The program also includes some demo strategies and real market quotes.

It is 100% free to download and use.

interesting little program.. what would be really great is if we could load Mq4 indicators into it, to backtest our strategies, as well as spit out Expert Advisors..

I have not downloaded the program, but from outside it looks promising. I hope its backtester is more reliable than MT.

Test our strategies 1st

1st we test our strategies, then coding our mq4 indicator.

This way is better we create right indicator, save time!

sorry poor english

Strategy name: tricky USDCHF 1Hour more than 9800

Market: USDCHF 1 Hour

Balance: 9816 pips

Min account: 0 pips

Max account drop: 683 pips

Time in position: 39 %

Add to an open position

Logic The ADX value is rising.

Use previous bar value. True

[Close] Day Close

Be careful with this indicator.

The strategy mentioned above, uses the indicator Fibonacii retracement. This indicator is based on the Zig-zag indicator to calculate the tops and bottoms. And here comes the big problem. The zig-zag indicator moves the signals.

For example: If there is a rising market and after a pick the price fall down rapidly, the Zig-Zag indicator forms a Top. The Fibonacci places the zero level and starts counting downwards 38.2%, 50% . together with the price. If we have Logic Continue when the price reach the 38.2% line, we enter into a Short position. If the market continue its fall there is no problem, but if the market turn up and form a new pick in a short time. The Zig-Zag removes the existing signal and places new top higher than the previouse. And, what to do now? We are short on the market, but the history test doesn't calculate this loss.

We can't correct this by changing the logic. The method of calculating the Zig-Zag indicator is wrong.

The solution - DO NOT use Fibonacci or Zig-Zag

The newest version of Forex Strategy Builder is available to download from http://ForexSB.com/download.html

Thank you for the warning. Basically, you are saying that zigzag repaints the past and hence should be avoided.

Yes, that's right.

There is something in the formula of calculating the Zig-Zag - respectively Fibonacci, that prevents the indicator to give too meny signals. It is works like smoothing the indicator. If you notice, neither Zig Zag nor Fibonacci are in the list of MetaTrader's main indicators.

I'm not shure, here is place to discuss the source code.

See the next pictures:

We see here, the selected bar 7/11/06 07:00 is Fibo top (line 0% - see the green line form the nex bar)

The signal was moved to: 7/11/06 14:00

OMG. That is the holy grail.

There is something in the formula of calculating the Zig-Zag - respectively Fibonacci, that prevents the indicator to give too meny signals. It is works like smoothing the indicator. If you notice, neither Zig Zag nor Fibonacci are in the list of MetaTrader's main indicators.

I'm not shure, here is place to discuss the source code.

See the next pictures:

We see here, the selected bar 7/11/06 07:00 is Fibo top (line 0% - see the green line form the nex bar)

The signal was moved to: 7/11/06 14:00

I have to agree with you under certain stage, that is a repaint stupid idiot. I'm a worshiper of Dealer Lot Management! In short, 10point3 and multilot scalper is my favorite lossing money EA. All we need is a good indicator to open position correctly. If we can programmed the cost average method on this above mentioned repainting system, it stack a martingale double lot size order if new fibo retracement came out. muahahahahaha that will be great! By the way, where is Yeoeleven?! I'm sure we have the same thinking about this. If somebody can program it, that will be crazy.

The newest Forex Strategy Builder v2.4.0.0 is ready for Free download.

Many new functions included: optimizer, indicators, better logic .

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