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Success Story and Benefits of Trading with Forex Robot

Since MetaTrader 4 platform was released, automated trading with Forex Robot becomes very popular. The Robots, also called EA (Expert Advisor), make trading easier since the traders don't have to sit in front of the computer 24/7 to monitor the market fluctuations. There are many people who have incorporate robots in EA trading and see better results compared to manual trading. In this article, you will find out about the benefits of EA and also one of the success stories of trading with robot forex.
EA is basically a software that is implanted to the trading platform. It is capable to make automatic trading decisions without having to wait for the traders. This software gives more freedom and flexibility for traders to keep making profit even though they are not physically monitoring the market.
Traders can input their preferred strategies and rules to the EA. When the signal or certain market trigger appears, the software is able to take action without human intervention. There are plenty of things an Expert Advisor can do. Besides starting and exiting trades, it is also able to copy trades from one platform to another and also manage open positions.

One of the forex traders that have successfully made money by utilizing Forex robot is Sabil. Sabil is not a new player in the forex trading world. He has been in the business for over 5 years, and as an experience trader, he has seen every single thing the forex market has to offer. Sabil is not an unfamiliar name in various popular forex trading forums. Furthermore, he also has several blogs where he shares his reviews of forex trading platforms and systems. Sabil also offers free trading course to share his more than a decade experience in this business to beginner traders.
Just like every successful trader out there, Sabil also traded manually at first. By performing manual trading, he grasped all the basics, strategies and important information regarding forex trading. Due to his years of experience doing manual forex trading, Sabil knows how the forex market really works. It gives him capability to create bulletproof strategies, which has given him plenty of profit.
Even though manual trading is always the best way to learn how forex trading works, it is not a secret that this system is highly complicated. Traders have no choice but to stay in front of their computer 24/7. Since it is practically impossible feat, many traders miss the perfect timing to make decisions. In result, it is very difficult to maximize their profit.
Sabil felt the same way too and it led him to venture to the world of automated trading. He was not only trading with Forex robot, but he also made his own EA. After years of experiment with his EA, Sabil and his business partner finally managed to create a lucrative EA, which brought him not only millions of profits, but also convenience. With only $50 deposit, Sabil managed to grow his balance to $400,000 very rapidly. With the same software, Sabil business partner grew his money from only $50 to $100,000. The best news is, such a huge profit came with only 1% to 10,000% withdrawn. After live tested his Expert Advisor, Sabil launched it to the public and the Forex Robot also has helped many traders, particularly the beginners, see a profit after dozens of failures.

Forex Robot has plenty of benefits which allow many traders to gain profit easier. The first benefit is the ability to trade 24/7 without a stop. The only thing the trader has to do is simply inputting the strategies they want. Traders also have the options to choose when they want to start and exit the trading. After that, the robot will do the rest. This is especially beneficial for traders who have other jobs outside of forex trading.
Moreover, EA is more effective because it doesn't involve emotions. Many traders face failure because they act emotionally. They made wrong decisions when they are afraid, or even too excited. Since robot eliminates that factor from trading, traders will be able to make more objective decision without being swayed by market fluctuations. In addition, EA also will minimize the risk of loss due to human error. Sometimes traders make wrong calculation, which is normal, but can be fatal when it is applied in volatile forex trading

Contrary to popular belief, traders will not suddenly gain profit by using EA. Opulence will highly depend on the performance of the robot software itself. To choose a profitable EA, there are several things traders must pay attention to. Firstly, check the stats from independent sites like mql5 instead of from the company's website. Secondly, it is important to examine whether the EA can perform well in the market you are interested in. This is because there is no robot forex which is able to run perfectly in all types of market.
There are many successful traders that become a living proof of the benefits and effectiveness of Forex robot in gaining more profit. However, it is undeniable that subjectivity and the level of someone's knowledge are still essential parts of forex trading. So, to ensure a more successful trading with EA, traders are advised to learn the basics of forex trading first, instead of totally rely to the power of the robots.



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INDIA CRISIS: Delhi turns protectionist by hiking import tariffs as rupee PLUNGES

INDIA has adopted a protectionist stance on trade as the country tries to ease pressure on its crisis-hit currency, the rupee.

India's Finance Ministry yesterday hiked import tariffs on 19 items deemed 'non-essential', including home appliances, shoes and jet fuel.

The rupee has plunged by around 13 percent against the US dollar so far this year, making it Asia's worst performing currency in 2018.

New Delhi hopes the new tariffs will halt the currency's freefall.

But Indian economists have been split on the effectiveness of the plan.

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This is a sentiment booster for the rupee but it won't help in the long term

Soumya Kanti Ghosh

Soumya Kanti Ghosh, chief economist at the State Bank of India (SBI), said: "This is a sentiment booster for the rupee.

"The central bank needs to intervene more actively in the forex market to support the rupee.

"These tariff measures won't help in the long term."

But a forex trader at a foreign bank said: "This is positive news for the rupee given that it will help reduce India's current account deficit."

The rupee has lost 13 percent of its value against the dollar this year (Image: GETTY)

The rupee's rapid plunge in value has been coupled with a surge in oil prices.

The development caused major panic because India's economy relies on imports for around 80 percent of its energy needs.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is expected to raise interest rates next month in a further bid to prop up the retreating currency.

The predicted rate hike would be the RBI's third this year, after it lifted borrowing costs in June and August.

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New Delhi hopes the new import tariffs will halt the currency's freefall (Image: GETTY)

Radhika Rao, an economist at Singapore's DBS Bank, said: "It is necessary for the RBI to provide a policy response. The question was only of timing.

"Some would say the rate hike could have come sooner ľ it probably would have been a bit more beneficial. But better now than never."

Prakash Sakpal, Asia economist at ING, added: "The RBI will have to do more.

"However, that looks unlikely on the grounds of on-target inflation and stress in the financial sector."

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