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Partner programs initiated and actively promoted by forex brokers are very popular among adepts of "remote" earnings. It should be noted that the number of such projects is growing every year.

Such dynamics are undoubtedly connected with the overall growing interest in the forex market and the opportunities of speculative income provided by the market to all those wishing to achieve success in this business. However, due to the specificities of almost all partner programs provided by forex brokers, such projects are oriented directly on the development of forex infrastructure and attraction of new traders (investors).

It can be said that such partner programs offer income opportunities right to those who wish to earn on the very existence of the forex market, without running any trade or investment transactions.

Thus, the implementation of various partner programs is of interest to both - forex brokers initiating such offers and partners taking part in such projects. Partners get an opportunity to earn decent income by applying their skills in particular activities demanded within particular programs. The implementation of such programs helps forex brokers successfully promote their services and strengthen their positions in the target market, improving service potential, and thus raising the loyalty of both existing and prospective customers.

ForexChief company offers partners advantageous and transparent conditions focused on both - experienced traders wishing to earn additional income and webmasters without any forex trading experience. Within our partner program, particular attention is paid to projects connected via White Label, a system allowing traders to create a unique forex broker within the shortest delays and at minimum costs.

PAMM partnership programs

The PAMM partnership programs provide a platform for PAMM managers to bring other Alpari clients on board their account as partners, either to help in the running of the account or to bring in new investors. The manager gets a helping hand and the chance to expand his pool of investment (thus, increasing their potential remuneration). The partners get paid for their work. Everybody wins.

All Alpari clients are eligible to become PAMM partners. All they need to do is register as a "PAMM partner" in myAlpari and get in touch with an account manager in the forum. From there, the manager and the partner can agree on an appropriate level of remuneration and get started.

There are two different types of PAMM partners:

  • Referral partners help the manager bring in new investors. They earn a percentage of the manager's remuneration from their referred clients.
  • Auxiliary partners provide managers assistance in other aspects of their work: advertising and marketing, risk management, analysis, etc. They are rewarded with a fixed percentage of the manager's remuneration.

Referral partner

Auxiliary partner

Partner interaction

Here, we'll take a look at how referral partners are remunerated:

A manager opens a PAMM account with Alpari. The manager is earning a steady profit, but he is having trouble attracting new investment.

An Alpari client offers to help the manager find new investors. The manager accepts his offer and makes the client his referral partner, agreeing to award him 10% of the remuneration earned from each client he refers to the account.

The referral partner refers two investors: Investor 1 and Investor 2. Having accepted the manager's terms in his proposal, the investors will pay the manager 20% of their share of the profits as remuneration.

  • The manager has 20,000 USD of his own money invested in the account.
  • Investor 1 invests 50,000 USD.
  • Investor 2 invests 30,000 USD.
  • The overall balance of the PAMM account is 100,000 USD.

Here's how this looks:

Over the course of the one-month trading interval, the manager achieves a 50% return. The overall balance of the PAMM account is now 150,000 USD.

Here's how the remuneration is paid out:

  • Investor 1 earns 50% on his initial investment of 50,000 USD, or 25,000 USD. He will pay 20% of this amount (5,000 USD) in remuneration. The referral partner takes 10%, or 500 USD. The remaining 4,500 USD goes to the manager.
  • Having invested 30,000 USD in the PAMM account, Investor 2 earns 15,000 USD in proftits. 3,000 USD (20%) of this amount will be paid in remuneration. The referral partner gets 300 USD (10%). The manager is left with 2,700 USD.
  • So, the referral partner earns a total of 800 USD (500 + 300) from his referred clients. The manager ends up with 7,200 USD.

How the profits earned on the account are distributed:

Now we'll look at how auxiliary partners are remunerated:

A manager opens a PAMM account with Alpari and recruits an auxiliary partner to help them out with risk analysis. The auxiliary partner will earn 10% of the manager's remuneration from investors.

Two investors join the manager's PAMM account, accepting the terms in the manager's proposal. They will pay the manager 20% of their share of the profits on the account.

  • The manager has 20,000 USD of their own money invested in the account.
  • Investor 1 invests 50,000 USD.
  • Investor 2 invests 30,000 USD.
  • The overall balance of the PAMM account is now 100,000 USD.

Here's how this looks:

Auxiliary partner
(risk manager)

The manager earns a 50% return on his trading for the one-month trading interval. The balance of the PAMM account rises from 100,000 USD to 150,000 USD.

So here's what happens:

  • Investor 1 earns 50% on their initial investment of 50,000 USD, or 25,000 USD. The investor will pay 20% of this amount (5,000 USD) in remuneration to the manager.
  • Having invested 30,000 USD in the PAMM account, Investor 2 earns 15,000 USD in profit. 3,000 USD (20%) of this amount will go to the manager.
  • The manager makes 8,000 USD in remuneration for the month, 800 USD of which (10% of the 8,000 USD) will go to the Auxiliary Partner, leaving the manager with 7,200 USD.

How the profits earned on the account are distributed:

Now, we'll see what happens when both auxiliary partners and referral partners are involved:

Here's how our scenario plays out:

  • A manager opens a PAMM account with Alpari.
  • The manager first recruits a partner to help bring in clients: the referral partner.
  • Next they bring in a partner to help market the PAMM account: Auxiliary Partner 1. Auxiliary Partner 1 will also help bring in investors, working in a role as an referral partner in addition to her role as a marketing specialist. Her remuneration will come in two different forms.
  • The manager also finds a third partner who specialises in risk analysis: Auxiliary Partner 2.

The manager agrees with the partners on their remuneration:

  • For the referral partner: 10%
  • For Auxiliary Partner 1: 10% as a referral partner / 20% as an auxiliary partner
  • For Auxiliary Partner 2: 10%

In their proposal, the manager stipulates that each of the investors in the account will pay 20% from their share of the profits as remuneration.

The referral partner brings in two investors to the PAMM account: Investor 1 (who invests 50,000 USD) and Investor 2 (30,000 USD). Auxiliary Partner 1 refers Investor 3 (10,000 USD) to the account. Investor 4 joins the account on their own, investing 20,000 USD. The PAMM manager has 5,000 USD of his own money invested in the account.

In this example, the overall balance of the PAMM account starts out at 115,000 USD.

Forex Introducing Broker

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SuperForex Partnership Program

The SuperForex Partnership Program is an excellent way for customers to develop their own business by recommending our trading services to their contacts. They in turn receive an attractive compensation for each successful referral. To help you expand your network, SuperForex provides you with a wide range of products, including a ready-made website for your business, a great variety of promo materials to help you populate it, and an affiliate link that comes with full partner statistics, allowing you to discover the most advantageous strategy for doing business on your own.

How does the Partnership work ?

Step 1

You become our partner

Step 2

We give you promo materials, a website and a unique link

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Step 4

Every person you referred who registers a real account (i.e. makes a deposit) earns you commission

Step 5

The bigger the trading volume, the more money you make

Step 6

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You can also view our full list of partner benefits.

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SuperForex grants access to all the major trading platforms in the world. Our users may benefit from a brief Forex training course by opening a free demo account and learn the basic steps of managing their funds on the foreign exchange (FX) market.

Trading with SuperForex is simple. We cooperate with some of the leading banks and payment processors worldwide that allow for 24-hour processing of all client trades on the FX market. Every user with who has registered a live trading account with us gets direct access to the FX market, contracts for differences (CFD), indices and wide range of futures.

Risk notice: CFD and FX trading on margin carry high levels of risk. Traders should ensure they understand the risks associated with leveraged CFD and FX trading before deciding to trade.

Nevertheless SuperForex guarantees the safety of traders’ monetary assets and protects them from non-trading risks. Although we cannot promise a profit on Forex, we provide our traders with some of the best trading conditions, including bonuses of up to 120% and regular special offers.

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