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Forex Charts are an important part of your trading strategy. Find reviews and ratings of the best charts here.

Top Forex Charts Tools

eSignal Basic Charts Overview

eSignal is an easy to use forex charting tool that contains many common features along with an unique aesthetic graphical interface.

Esignal Pro Charts Overview

eSignal Pro provides all the same features as the original eSignal, as well as back testing, strategy analysis, and programmable alerts just to name a few of the additional features in this professional charting tool.

Review of Currency Charts Ninja Trader Difference

Ninja Trader is a trading tool that allows traders to deal in forex, equities or futures through over a hundred brokerages from around the globe.

Review of Pro Real Trend by ProReal Time

This tool can be used by traders of all experience levels to analyze the ongoing trends of the market by displaying trends and analysis on an easy to understand linear format.

Wave59 Modern Charting Package with Astrology Indicators

This Forex charting tool employs a unique combination of genetic algorithms and composite cycle prediction techniques.

Analysis of MarketDelta

Due to its unique Footprint Chart functionality, this charting and analytics tool offers traders the opportunity to see inside the charts.

CMS FX VT Trader Charting Package

VT Trader comes with over one hundred technical analysis indicators. For more experienced traders, this program offers the Indicator Builder which allows for custom indicators.

Customized Forex Indicators and Review of Aspen Graphics Forex Charts

Aspen Graphics Forex Charts provides users with more than just an intuitive user interface. It provides traders with the ability to view charts in any time frame to aid in trend analysis as well as easily customized forex indicators.

Equis Charts MetaStock Pro

This Forex trading tool is great for traders of all experience levels as it comes complete with many trading solutions including the new RMO trading system, customizable time scales, Fibonacci projection and dynamic trend integration.

Esignal Live Charts Analyzed

eSignal Live Charts is a commercial charting tool which provides browser based realtime charting for over twenty different trends.

FXTrek Intellicharts Reviewed

Intellichart allows traders to program alerts to be sent to their cell phones or email, it has over five dozen time scales, and with two separate data providers it allows users to combine indicators.

Medved Charts by QuoteTracker

This multifunctional trading tool allows users to trade stocks, options, indices, futures, forex, bonds, and more. It offers powerful real-time charting, and trading options through Interactive Brokers, Scottrade, Ameritrade.

Overview of Automated Forex Charts by ProSignal

This charting and signal tool is designed to automate as much or as little of the process as the trader is comfortable with. Its market analysis is driven by nearly two hundred built in strategies that have proven their worth time and again.

Review of ActionForex Elite FX eGraph

This forex charting tool comes with several unique features to help traders such as a saving feature, two separate data feeds, over five dozen time scales, including tick and historical, streaming quotes and more.

Start Forex Group ProAct Traders Charting Package

This charting tool is designed for quick evaluation of the market. The data it offers is provided through a number of separate market feeds given through independent sources.

TSSupport.com Charts MCFX

MCFX charts combines six years of historical data with twenty four currency pairs in a user friendly charting package that allow users to devise their own trading strategies as well as backtest them for a nominal monthly fee.

Analysis of Charting Software AmpleSight

This Forex tool is used to perform market analysis of various time scales. AmpleSight is a combines a powerful set of tools for market analysis and a convenient visual representation of the resulting data.

EzyChart Charting Package

This popular charting tool is equipped with more than forty indicators. It allows the user to set entry and exit points to track and evaluate trades.

Forex Charts by AC-Markets

Forex Charts by ACM is a simple and easy to use application that provides a basic charting tool and a few standard analytical strategies.

Natural Seting Forex Charts Widget Reviewed

This tool is for Mac users and it allows traders to track common currency pairs equipped with six separate chart types and several technical indicators.

Review of AmiBroker

AmiBroker is a charting program that allows users to plot forex market trends and incorporate varying degrees of automation with a variety of data import options.

Review of Equis Charts Metastock ProFX

Metastock ProFX is a commercial forex charting package with a variety of built in features such as back test strategies, features built in performance systems and trading suggestions for expert advisers. It allows for custom market scanning to identify opportunities that meet criteria set by the trader.

Review of FXCM FX Powercharts

FX Powercharts is a free forex charting package with thirteen time scales, twenty one technical indicators, and the ability to view multiple charts simultaneously.

Review of FXTrek Free Charting Package

FXTrek Free Charts is a robust browser based forex trading package which has more than a dozen of the most popular technical indicators.

Review of Pocket Charts by Ledset.com

This is a sophisticated charting tool for the Pocket PC users. It is compatible with most of the popular Forex exchange systems and fully BlueTooth compatible.

Sierra Chart Advanced Tools Reviewed

Sierra Chart is a charting tool which uses historical data for technical analysis. It also provide a trading platform for stocks, currencies, commodities, indexes, futures, and mutual funds.

XTick Professional Chart Review

This professional charting tool can be used to analyze forex, stocks, futures, and commodities. It supports nine types of charts which can be used for analysis across an array of time scales.

Analyze Financial Markets with ANNI Professional and Standard

Advanced Neural Network Investing is a tool to analyze any type of financial data including Forex. It helps an individual predict the best time to enter and leave the market, through advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

Ensign Currency Charts

Ensign Currency Charts is a commercial trading tool which employs over forty technical indicators, twenty plotting tools and allows for back testing of trading strategies.

Forex-Markets.com Charting Tool Version 2.7.1 Reviewed

This is a sophisticated forex charting tool which uses real time charts. It is available in a browser based as well as java based version which provides options for displaying various averages and other statistical analysis.

Forexwebtools.com Dynamic Forex WebCharts

This Forex trading chart is a versatile application that employs several different data feeds to ensure that all charting information is given in real time.

Review of ForexTRM Software

This Forex charting tool is capable of analyzing the international money market with tremendous accuracy through it ability to extrapolate market projections from historical market data.

Review of ForexWebTools Forex WebCharts

Forex WebCharts is a simple, straightforward trading tool which provides traders with market information updated at user defined intervals.

Forex Charts by Trading Charts

Forex Charts by Trading Charts is a simple charting tool that allows traders to select currency pairs to track and in what time scale they will be updated. It also provides traders the opportunity to create custom indicators.

Review Currency Charts from Trading Charts

This chart tool allows a trader to select from any of the standard currency pairs or define their own sets to be tracked and updated hourly.

Review of JChart Software

This powerful forex charting application provides traders with a unique three dimensional view of market data.

Real-Time Currency Charts by Forex Realm

This charting tool allows traders to select currency pairs to track, the time scale in which to receive updated market data, as well as several technical indicators.

Review of Easy Forex Cross Currency Rates Product

This tool provides a simple, easy reference point for viewing current cross currency rates.

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