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We've reviewed the best Forex affiliate programs for you and share 5 lessons we've learnt along the way. Compare commissions, cookie windows and marketing tactics.

Forex Affiliates

CPA up to $400 and generous lot rebate plans.

HotForex Affiliates

Up to 60% of net spreads and $15/lot.


2016 winner of the best affiliate program.

LiteForex Affiliates

CPL and up to $15 per trade.


CPA up to $800 or rev. share from 20% to 30%.

* These brokers forbid you from bidding on their brand name and misspellings in search engines (such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!).

** These brokers allow email marketing as long as you use your own list, rather than a third party list. In some countries, you may need a "double opt in" from your email subscribers. Always read your broker's terms and conditions for guidance as email marketing can be a contentious issue.

So you've found a Forex broker and are about to join their affiliate programme. We've been there before and wanted to share 5 lessons we've learnt along the way:

1. Commission structures

Forex affiliate schemes usually offer 1 or more of the following commission structures:

  • Cost Per Acquisition ($): rewards you with a one-time payment for referring a new trader. Your commission may vary depending on your client's country. For example, easyMarkets delivers a $200 CPA for traders from emerging market countries like Brazil, India or China and a $400 CPA for traders from leading economies. While these sums may appear large, payments under most CPA plans are conditional on either the size of the trader's initial deposit and/or his trading activity. Visit http://www.forex-affiliate.com/ for more information.
  • Revenue share (%): you receive a percentage of your broker's revenues. Brokers usually base this figure on net revenues, calculated after transaction costs, chargebacks and bonuses. While revenue share plans, also known as spread share, can vary anywhere between 10% and 50%, most settle between 20% and 30%. While HotForex offers up to 60% of net spreads, all trades are not eligible and some accounts have either a lower revenue share or none at all. Visit http://www.hfaffiliates.com/ for more information.
  • Lot rebate ($/lot): your commission is directly related to your clients' trading volume. The more they trade, the greater your commission. Commissions typically vary across currency pairs and asset classes, such as precious metals, shares and indices.

While high commissions are important, a broker's conversion rate is equally important. This is particularly hard to assess from the outset. You'll only get a feel for a broker's conversion rate once you start referring users. Brokers with effective landing pages, compelling offers and strong sales teams tend to convert more users into traders.

2. Attribution windows

High commissions are no good if your broker won't give you credit for your hard work.

When you sign-up to a Forex affiliate programme, you should receive a tracking link. The link is unique to you and is for you to share with your prospects. When they access the broker's website through your link, the broker should cookie their browser with your unique identifier. This allows the broker to associate their account with yours as and when they open an account.

As you can see from the table at the top of the page, brokers have very different cookie "attribution windows". The attribution window is a technical word that describes how long the cookie will stay in their browser. For example, HotForex (http://www.hfaffiliates.com/) cookies last 30 days and AvaTrade (http://www.avapartner.com/) cookies stay up to 90 days (or until the user clears his browser's cache).

Of note, some brokers provide no cookie attribution at all. This model is only really suited to introducing brokers who have a personal relationship with the clients they refer and can sign them up directly. You should avoid these programmes altogether if you are a web affiliate (such as blog owner).

3. Product and platform

However, a long cookie attribution window is no good if the broker offers a poor service. We suggest running the broker against this simple checklist:

  • Does the broker provide a compelling service? Compare the broker's trading conditions against the competition. This includes spreads, leverage and initial deposits across accounts and popular currency pairs. If the broker charges unusually high spreads or offers too little leverage for example, your clients are unlikely to open an account with them.
  • Does the broker have unique selling points? Ask yourself how you are going to market the broker to your audience. It helps if the brokers you're planning on promoting provide a differentiated service with unique selling points (USPs). For example, easyMarkets (http://www.forex-affiliate.com/) allows investor to cancel loosing trades for up to 60 minutes, a feature that can appeal to beginners.
  • Is the broker licensed or regulated? Some jurisdictions lack regulatory frameworks. However, it should ring alarm bells if a broker operates without a license in a country where arranging Foreign exchange investments is a regulated activity. If your clients' money is at risk, so will yours.

4. Marketing tactics

Brokers like to have a say over how you promote their brand and use their trademarks. In many ways, they see you as an extension of their own marketing campaigns. That's true whether you're a web affiliate or an introducing broker.

  • SEO: brokers love affiliates who can drive traffic through organic traffic. Reviews and rating from third parties help build their credibility. Brokers typically place no restrictions on SEO. However, you can expect them to crack down on you if you register domain names that use or mimic their trademarks.
  • SEM / PCC: most brokers forbid you to bid on their trademarks, including misspellings. These brokers are marked * in the Forex affiliate comparison table at the top of the page. It's a good idea to avoid "brand bidding" unless you have been given the all-clear because SEM monitoring software has made it incredibly easy for brand owners to track mentions of their trademarks in search engine results.
  • Email marketing: affiliates tend to place the most restrictions on email marketing. Almost all require you that use only "opt-in" lists and secure their prior written approval. These brokers are marked ** in the comparison table at the top of the page. Broker restrictions aside, you'll have to pay close attention to the law of the countries you operate in.

5. Country exclusions

Most brokers will ask that you avoid marketing to traders based in the United States, North Korea, Iran and other countries. Others may have additional restrictions, depending on their licenses and regulation. Once you've opened a Forex affiliate account, check with your account manager whether country exclusions apply. This will save you time and money, and keep you on the right side of the law.

Forex affiliate programs list

The FXCoin Forex Affiliate Programs are designed to accommodate different types of affiliates. Whether you are a Webmaster, Individual Trader, EA Developer, or a Marketing firm, you will find a formula that suits your business model.

As an affiliate, you receive all support needed in order to grow your business, benefiting from FXCoin ís reputation, products, and generous offers.

Below is a list of benefits for you and your referred clients:

Below is a list of benefits for you and your referred clients:

FXCoin Affiliates Benefit Through:

  • Instant automatic commission calculation and full access to your commission statement
  • Withdrawal of commissions at any time
  • The ability to add spread mark-up or extra commission is possible
  • The ability to recruit sub-introducers and distribute commission according to your specifications
  • Full package of affiliate marketing tools: Banners, market content, website widgets, and landing pages
  • Website design, development, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Personal partnership manager to provide support in timely manner
  • Free Website
  • Comprehensive Marketing Materials
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Exclusive Partner Area with Reporting Tools and Referring Links
  • Attractive Rebates Scheme
  • Advanced Trading & Analysis Tools
  • Competitive Fixed Spreads
  • Free Webinars
  • 24-hour Multilingual Support

Best Affiliate Program In Forex

This year we asked our readers to vote for their favorite affiliate program in the Forex industry. If you are going to promote something, it needs to be something that pays well.

Some financial affiliate programs are better than others. Skyrocket your earnings in 2018 with this top financial affiliate program.

The winning affiliate program was not much of a surprise, as it has proven to be the very best in its industry year after year.

This financial affiliate program emerged victorious once again in the domain of forex affiliate programs. They have won the heart of many affiliates by providing high commissions even for single referrals. Use it to promote their financial services.

While some affiliate programs in the forex industry is fantastic, others are horrible. Some affiliates reported no sign ups, even if they sent tens of thousands qualifying leads. We decided we didn't want to be scam investigators, and instead of giving attention to the bad affiliate programs we wanted to focus solely on the good ones. In last year's poll we had 34 candidates, this year only 12 forex affiliate programs.

Best forex affiliate programs?

This is currently the best forex partnership sites and financial affiliate programs out there:

This forex affiliate program is by far the best affiliate program in the forex industry, a leading online forex platform. One of the best forex affiliate program out there. One click (one sign up) can make you nice bucks. They have a CPA deals and more, which is great. If you want to make good money from your referrals, even millions per year in affiliate marketing, they should be on your list. Get custom tailored commission plans, and a professional contact person to help you succeed.

Sosial Trading Affiliate Program

This is the best social trading affiliate program - Providing the worlds greatest social trading experience! This intuitive website is one of the most easy to promote online and conversion is very high. The conversion rate for this financial affiliate program is what makes them so special. Please note that this is NOT a forex broker, but a social investment network.

How Much Can I Make?

You can make money from affiliate marketing, but as everything else worth pursuing in life it takes hard work to make great achievements. We won't promise anything, but if you go for it you might eventually make it.

If you think being an affilaite doesn't pay well, think again. Do yourself a favor and forget about the gaming industry, ClickBank, Amazon affiliates, Commission Junction and anything that is not forex related. Forex is hard competition too, but at least here you get a chance to get rich.

Join the affiliate programs of your choice above, fint the one that works best for you and your market, and push their brands like hell (just don't spam and do not violate their terms). In a matter of weeks you should begin to see results, and you will understand how big the forex affiliate industry really is. Trust us, you will be amazed of how much money you can make as a forex affiliate!

Some financial affiliate programs are better than others. Skyrocket your earnings in 2018 with this top financial affiliate program.

Disclaimer: Forex trading (OTC Trading) involves substantial risk of loss. As an affiliate you need to undestand this risk involved. Forex trading and forex affiliate marketing may not be suitable for everyone. While you can make money and get rich in Forex, losses can also be made.

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