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Forex Scalpers - Scalper - currency trader who makes a profit by closing the transaction with minimal price movements. Profit scalper (C.) may be only 1 point. A positive result is achieved by trading large number of transactions and profitable trading strategy. The name of this type of trade comes from the word “scalp”, which the American Indians cut off their enemies. This happened quickly, with one sharp movement of the knife. A trader who scalping must lightning open and close positions to make a profit.

Forex market is the ideal place to make a profit by scalping, since there are minimal spreads (2-3 points) for basic currency pairs, you can use expert advisors scalpers good but small volatility in the season and a wide choice of trading tools. All this makes monetary scalping very promising occupation.

On this website you can get "There are scalping 7 winning strategies for trading forex" and work on the forex market profitably.

Principles scalping Forex

I would like to note that not all deals With. will be profitable. The important thing is that cumulatively trader profits, while sometimes up to hundreds of deals during the trading session. For pips very important endurance and self - control-you need to quickly closing unprofitable transactions, in response to changes in rates, and adopt new topical solutions. Without self-discipline, scalping, and trading in General, it's just a game of chance.

The main principles of profitable scalping include:
* Trader it is desirable to seek to use all the small movements that are more spread in 2 times-or higher.
* Direction of the price movement is not so important. The main thing power oscillation (pulse).
* For scalping Forex characterized by hard-line approach to losses and risk management in General. A trader who deals with scalping, should be out of the market almost immediately after you realized that he made a wrong direction.
* Scalping trader always commits profit or loss at the end of the trading session or the trading day. Positions will never be left open until the next day.

The disadvantages of scalping include the following:
1. The proximity of a stop order to the current level of rates. So, there is a risk of closing the stop loss because of so-called market noise. Some Forex scalpers do not set a stop loss, thereby avoiding the risks. However, it greatly increases the risk of a sharp price movement against an open position. Given that the trading volumes in C. quite high compared to the size of the Deposit, no stops may lead to significant losses. Those who traded on the news, understand.
2. Scalping trader during trade is experiencing constant nervous tension. Agree, it is not so easy to maintain a high awareness of their actions for a long time. And if we try to earn the money that can and lose?

Therefore, in the free trade time, the trader must pay enough attention to proper rest. Also the problem of emotional stress is partially solved using expert advisors-scalpers. A classic example is the FAP Turbo, proven few years ago. What are its results are now unknown to test. But at the time he showed convincingly that the mechanical trading system for scalping can be profitable.

Trading robots high speed of entry/exit into the market, and no emotions. Advisor to clear the programmed algorithm trade, which is a huge advantage over a person trading. On the other hand, sometimes need living reaction on market movement, a kind of improvisation, proceeding from the current situation, which is trading robots cannot.

Tips for Forex scalpers

1. Forex scalpers better to trade currency pairs with minimal spreads and good intraday volatility like GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY or EUR/JPY.

2. The recommended interval - M1 and M5.

3. The optimal time for scalping - the intersection of American and Asian trading session, as well as European and American.

4. Trader monitors the activity of the market 5-15 minutes, catching the current short-term trend, then enters the market.

5. Stop Loss better place in 5-10 points.

6. Goal - gaining profit in 1-1,5 the size of the spread of this pair. Due to the trading conditions of the broker Forex take profit rarely manage to put close to the current price (2-5 points), therefore, S. often close the transaction manually, being in front of the monitor. Or it makes a special script.

Many traders use scripts that simplify trade. Also relevant application of simple patterns or indicators where the chart of the pair a clearly visible signals for opening or closing positions (determined only short-term trend). There are scalping 7 winning strategies for trading forex.

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