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Today we will try to understand the advantages and disadvantages of Forex brokers Ukraine compared to others, for example, foreign brokers. It's about a company providing services for currency trading, ie not exclusively associated with the shares. Typically, securities trading (contracts, promotions, etc.) in a given volume is present in the MT4 trading terminal, another question, how convenient it is for the trader. To trade securities and have optimal trading conditions with minimal commissions need a broker who specializes in securities. Today, most brokers are Ukrainian companies providing exactly currency trading, rather than securities.

The most famous brokers Ukraine

Reviewing several monitors websites that are ranked Ukrainian B., you can select the most popular:

1. ForeksKlub.
2. Forex MMCIS Group.
3. Alpari.
4. RoboForeks.
5. Teletrade.
6. eToro.
7. FxTrend.
8. Forex4you.
9. Forex Ukraine.
10. NordFx.

Of course, brokerage companies in Ukraine much more. We have given only 10 of them. But even a cursory analysis shows that there are plenty to choose. Set guarantees that write on the official websites, activities governed by different KROUFR, FMRRC, FFMS, NFA, CFTC, ASIC, CySEC, trading conditions, to replenish the deposit bonuses, etc. - Look at first. What to choose? Which of Ukraine trustworthy brokers and investing our own blood?

Brokers Ukraine - who to choose?

Some part of Ukrainian traders when choosing B. adamant - they consider the domestic version of unsatisfactory and unworthy of discussion. Such traders open trading accounts or our Russian colleagues, or from European B. Explaining his position, traders argue that, say, there are cases of non-payment of money in the lucrative trade. Quotes or did not agree, as a result of a major deal knocked the stop-loss, etc. As a rule, these traders do not experience this, but have read a lot about these opuses on forums, blogs and other traders etc. Use the best forex ea robot on Ukrainian brokers.

Whether to believe such stories? Yes, if there are facts - screenshot graphics, correspondence with tech support, confirming the fact of non-payment of money and the lack of violations by the trader. But most often the activity of brokers Ukraine no worse and no better foreign B.

Another part of traders, in contrast, believes only Ukrainian companies. Replenish their accounts in local currency, most often through a bank or Kiwi, rarely WebMoney, output as well. Service satisfied, the trade goes. What else do you want?

But there is a third group. There are many professional traders of more than one year. These people open accounts in different B. thus can compare the quality of services provided. Investment amount does not necessarily have to be large enough $ 100-500. "Worked" a few B., trader really understands him comfortable trading or not, whether the delay in payments as quickly executed transactions, etc. Money can always withdraw, closing your trading account. It turns out, the trader does not lose anything, but gets the real facts about the trading conditions and quality service brokerage company.

Brokers Ukraine - our choice

Of all the brokers in Ukraine we stopped their attention on Alpari. Detailed information about Alpari can read on the official site or article "Broker Alpari - reviewed."

Alpari - veteran whose greatest choice of services (copying trades, trading strategies PAMM investing, automated trading, and much more). Variety of ways to fund-withdrawal. Demo account for investment in the PAMM. Lot of positive feedback on the forums Forex traders. Extensive analysis from real traders, not just analysts without practice. Furthermore, Alpari - not one company, and the group engaged the services of currency trading.

This brokerage company is well proven in the market and is actually number 1 of Forex brokers. We suggest you first turn your attention on Alpari.

Successful trading!

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