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Forex Trends 2013

What are the trends in 2013 Forex? What interesting has happened since the beginning of the year and is worth waiting for, or fear? What are "chips" are fashionable today - rather, profitable? Nothing stands still, and Currency Exchange Forex - even more so. Not tracking new trends can not only miss out on the best investment of money, but to get the losses by trading on the old model.

Forex 2013 - what's new?

This year, several areas very relevant currency trading:

1. Automated trading (advisors). On this site best forex ea review.
2. PriceAction.
3. Analysis VSA (Volume Spread Analysis).
4. PAMM-accounts.
5. copying trades (strategies) - Services and Share4you ForexCopy.
6. binary options.

PAMM-trading and investment advisors continues to gain momentum. More and more investors and traders trust put in them the money. Trading robots today as you can buy, and find for free online. The only question is to make a profit advisers on real accounts, and preferably long-term, and not poured a month deposit. Similarly with PAMM accounts - you need to choose the right control (their) traders, analyzing their trade.

If you want to trade yourself, you will be in this PriceAction (on trade patterns without indicators) and VSA-trading. Today it is a very effective way to significantly improve their trade. You must agree on the street twenty-first century, as many traders continue to trade the old fashioned way, using the good old, but not always profitable classic technical analysis. It's time to move on, do not you think?

We should also mention the copy services transactions - such as Share4you and ForexCopy. This vit trade wonderful that you can be far from Forex, but by selecting the successful trader, start copying his trades and thereby lead a successful trade on its deposit. Both services (Share4you and ForexCopy) can be an effective lever to multiply your capital.

Also can not say about binary options. Today only the lazy did not try to enter into option contracts. Given two major advantages such as rapid execution of the contract and the potential profit to 71% per transaction, it can be argued that trade binary options - a wonderful alternative to the Exchange trading. Choose a reliable broker binary options - forward to the laurels Soros! Also you may find useful strategy binary options trading.

Forex 2013 - what happened?

Analysis of trends of currency pairs from the beginning of 2013 says the strengthening U.S. dollar. The United States economy, it seems, comes out of recession. Eurocurrency slowly losing ground - are felt EU debt problems. Against this background, actively cheaper precious metals - gold, silver, platinum and others who have fallen by 10-30% in just a couple of months. And fall continues. Even the British pound, who always stood apart from the world currencies like the dollar and the euro, but "hold the fort", today falls in price.

Like last year, the volatility of the base currency pairs has been and remains high, and predict the dynamics of future price changes, using classical analysis techniques, it becomes harder.

Forex 2013 - what will happen?

Someone predicts a new crisis, as in 2008. Someone is actively selling the euro and gold, buying the dollar and makes good money on this. Predict with high probability that there will be a dollar or the euro in a month or the end of the year is difficult. We are not theorists, analysts, traders and practitioners.

It can be argued, only one - should pay attention to the new trends of currency trading Forex in 2013, which we discussed above. Only properly managing its capital and to diversify our investments, we can reduce the risks. If you are a trader - learn to understand the market. Classic Trading was and remains the foundation, the foundation on which we have to impose add new knowledge. PraysEkshn or, for example, Volume Spread Analysis, is not as complicated as they seem. But these methods do not allow you to simply follow the trading system "because we need", and learn to understand what is happening in the market. And with such profit to understand - at hand.

Summary. In 2013, currency trading in all its manifestations is gaining more popularity among people who want to rely on their own mind. First, it is a hobby, later - a small source of income, and later - new profitable profession. Although the results here depend only on your purpose. Dare to earn on Forex!

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