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Forex Club - reviews

ForexClub - one of the largest Russian Forex brokers. Forex Club reviews and other information about the company, we will present you below. This broker has several important differences from other brokerage companies, in particular, used trading platform Rumus instead of the usual all MT4.

Forex Club - a little bit about the company

Official site The company began operations in 1997. The company's activity is regulated KROUFR. Broker is a multiple winner of the "Best Broker of the Year".

FC is one of the largest brokers in the international Forex market (Ukraine, Russia, many CIS countries, as well as the USA, Brazil, China, the European Union) and one of the "oldest old" - on a par with Alpari. FC - markemeyker, ie counterparty for currency traders in the transactions of trade. Also present NDD-accounts where transactions appear on outside contractors.

The minimum lot size is 1000$. Leverage 1:1 - 1:100. Spread about 3-5 points, the commission is zero. Or possible trade with zero spread, then the commission by the transaction is $0.4 per 1,000 units of base currency, but only in the case of a profitable trade. When losing trade spread and zero commission (expense StartFx).

Use the accrual swap. Available for trading 22 currency pairs, a few shares and stock indexes.

Fill up a merchant account, you can using a bank transfer or credit cards, electronic payment systems MoneyBookers, RBKMoney, Vebmani Elecsnet terminals and Qiwi, postal transfer, UNIStream, CONTACT.
You can withdraw funds via bank transfer, credit card and system WebMoney.

Analyze Forex Club reviews

Look and compare spreads, you will notice that in small deposits FC spreads are quite high when compared with larger deposits. If we compare with the same Alpari, then it has no dependence on the magnitude of the spread size of the deposit, which is undoubtedly an advantage for traders with small capital.

FC allows the company to open several types of accounts, depending on that traders trade on one platform or another. For example, to type accounts StartFx trading platform called StartFx, for ExpertFx - Rumus, for MetaFX - MT4.

The only advantage of using the platform is to return StartFx commission for unprofitable transactions. The majority of Forex Club Reviews StartFx negative. Additional study in the best forex book on this site.

Specific interest is the platform ActTrader, allowing one run on NDD-technology with CFD (contracts for difference) of individual companies and indices (DAX, Google, FTSE 100, etc.).

The advantages of using Rumusa (programs for proprietary trading) include the ability to receive signals from the indicator of market sentiment. According to some reviews Forex Club, Rumus long enough loaded, demanding the computer's memory, requiring frequent reboots, which is very annoying, especially when trying to urgent closing. Some traders take Rumus to make transactions, but used in parallel in MT4 demo account for analysis, to open after already Rumuse. Very uncomfortable.

Also prohibited FC Blocking and hedging positions, ie with open transaction for the purchase, if the trader wanted to open a new deal to sell this volume, the long position will be automatically closed.

Most popular platform was and remains MT4. Working with MetaTrader always comfortable and has a good speed of order execution.

Forex Club reviews - conclusions

To summarize, we are more inclined to choosing a broker Alpari, if there is a question - ForeksKlub or FAQs. The last has a lot of handy tools for investment and trading, a single trading platform, good reviews online. But the choice is yours. We just reviewed and presented the facts as they are.

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