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Forecast of the dollar - the utility for the trader

Wants to make a dollar forecast, probably every trader. After knowing the correct forecast of the dollar, you can make a deal in the right direction on any of the currency pairs with the U.S. dollar and earn. But the difficulty is that making forecasts - something not guaranteed. The second point - thanks to a significant part of traders trade on pairs GBP/USD and EUR/USD currency fluctuations quite unpredictable, especially for long periods of time.

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In this article we look at the problem and try to find a solution.

Grounds for forecasting

Basis for prediction can be:

* News, some knowledge of the economic situation in the United States or another country.
* Signals on the graph of a technical nature.
* Personal opinion.
* The views of other experts or acquaintances traders.
As you can see, no one method is not 100 % guarantee. Moreover, one small inaccuracy can completely distort the forecast and make it unprofitable for your trade.

Conclusions: The correct money management - trade in small lot, so as not to use the whole deposit, which can be played in case of a strong movement against us. Second - trust analysts, but have their own opinion. Third - your opinion must be based on logical reasoning or technical analysis.

Analytics as a whole - a good thing. But here the analytical predictions often differ by 180 degrees. Interestingly, almost every aspect refers to the facts, making reasoned analysis using statistics opinions critical of politicians, etc. Despite this, the results of forecasts often differ. And what 's even more interesting - the market, in spite of all logically reasoned predictions often behaves not as expected. Why? Yes, simply because it is a market, then there are people, their thinking, their fear and greed.

Can we do without the dollar forecast?

What if you're not strong in technical analysis, or do not want to not consciously acknowledge forecasts "gurus" and "pseudo-gurus", but want to receive stable profit in the currency trading? Learn technical analysis course. Often knowledge of the technical analysis of important news tracking + + proper money management allow the trader, with a trade for 2-3 hours a day, get a decent profit.

Of course, one of the technical analysis for the full and stable currency trading will not be enough. But at first practice in technical analysis plays a pivotal role. Over time, as the trader will expand your trading arsenal (automated trading systems, scripts, new strategies), and learn to feel better and to understand the market.

By and large it does not matter what kind of par with the dollar you choose. Yes, even without the dollar, any pair - liquidity problem is a broker, not yours. To you as a trader other more important issues: for example, the spread and speed of execution of transactions. Before trading on the selected pair, her vote on the motion history of at least 2 years. A better - for 4. Look to the volatility, besides what figures charting you will see on the chart. Adjust the timeframe to vote, that has changed.

All this will help you better understand this currency pair. And then the dollar forecast will be given to you easier. You will find that your trade becomes profitable, and thus get an incentive to continue learning.

And remember that the first $100 earned currency trading - this is only the beginning. Good luck!

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