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Features of the currency pair RUB/USD

Before analyzing the currency pair RUB/USD, we talk a little about the Russian ruble. This will help us in predicting the dynamics of most couples, as well as a better understanding of certain of its features.

History of the Russian ruble

Russian Rouble (born ruble). Code - RUB. In addition, the ruble is the currency of modern Russia, he has recourse to Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

First ruble referred to colloquially in 1281-1299 gg. Then the national currency was a silver bar, which weighed about 200 g and had a length of about 20 cm in the XV century, began to mint silver coins. In 1704 entered the coinage of silver, worth 1 ruble. One coin weighed '28 Since 1897 introduced the gold standard, which lasted until 1914 One gold ruble was equal to 0.774235 grams of gold.

The first Soviet ruble as a banknote was released in 1919 after the reform in 1961, the gold equivalent of Russian ruble totaled 0.987412 g, but the real possibility of exchanging it for the yellow metal was not.

Ruble being in circulation now, put into circulation not so long ago - in 1991, he turned to the Soviet ruble until 1993

In 1992 he started working MICEX, which marked the beginning of stock trading RUB. The first years of trade were quite ambiguous due to the state budget deficit and the issue that undermined the credibility of the national currency. The Central Bank was unable to intervene because the foreign exchange reserves were virtually absent.

At present a proposal for the Russian ruble as a whole exceeds the demand, indicating that the reinforcing trends.

Schedule RUB/USD

In 1997-99. ruble fell against the U.S. dollar - $1 cost 14 rubles, and began to cost 28 p. In the next 2 years fall of the ruble continued, but more slowly - for $1 offered 32 Russian ruble. It was only from 2003 until about mid-2008, the ruble strengthened to 23 units per 1 U.S. dollar.

In 2010, the ruble had lateral adjustment with little attenuation. Today, the Russian currency fluctuates price channel with boundaries in 27-29 RUB per 1 USD. Trying to break through the resistance level at 28-29 failed. If technical figure "double bottom" work and greatly strengthened the ruble, the next strong resistance will be at 31-31,2 p. 1 U.S. dollar.

All these changes can be seen as in a normal trading platform MT4, and the sites that provide online quotes Charts.

Features trade RUB/USD

This currency pair reacts well as news on the dollar and ruble. But the dollar is still a little better, so it makes sense to keep track of the news on the U.S. economic calendar.

Another important point - the volume. On the Forex exchange we do not see the volumes traded a particular pair directly. But it is possible to register a demo account on the RTS or use the ClusterDelta, to really want us to see the online volume. This will allow us to identify overbought or oversold market. Throw in a few working candlestick patterns - and here we have a profitable trading system!

Definition of trading volume today is very popular and gives the trader a real information about what is happening on the stock exchange. In this pair will help backtesting forex.

Trading pair RUB/USD, not fear lack of liquidity. Providing liquidity of trading instruments - care broker. Our task as a trader - to profit from speculation, correctly identifying entry and exit points.

Traded currency pair RUB/USD today allows almost any broker.

We wish you success and remember that the gains from trade is very much depends on your broker!

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