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How to start making money on Forex without investments

How to earn money on Forex without the initial investment? At first glance, the question seems to be silly. Everyone knows that the Forex is the foreign exchange market where currencies are freely bought and sold. So in order to earn some cash on the market for the first you must have a currency of one country and only then, it turns to be profitable to exchange it for another currency. Based on my experience I would say that to do so is not only possible, but also necessary. I am sure that everyone will find the most suitable way to start making money or at least will learn how to do it.

Let’s clear up the issue “Is it real to trade on Forex without investments”?

Yes, it is real. Nevertheless, earning money without investing will not bring substantial income to the trader, and therefore, if a trader has decided to become a serious player on the currency market, sooner or later he should open a real trading account. There should also be mentioned that it is possible to make money without investment but money will come not from the open market but from the brokers. So what the ways for earning money are available on Forex for a newbie without investments? Let us consider them closely:

1. No deposit account. Broker opens a “No deposit account” for you with a minimum amount of money on it. You will not be able to withdraw the money from such type of account (that would be too easy game), but you will be able to try your hand at real trade. If your trading is successful than you will be able to withdraw funds from your account. Thus, the trader has not only an opportunity to trade on Forex without investments, but also get the most valuable experience with the trading platform. For a start, you need to find some funds at least for a cent account and make small deposit replenishment. There is not a complete list of brokers, which offer No Deposit bonuses for beginners: Instaforex, Roboforex, NordFX, XM and FXOpen. The bonus amount often ranges from $ 5 to $ 70. However, these funds are allocated to the fact that the trader will be able to start trading on Forex without investments and then make his money on the account at the same dealing center. The generosity of brokers – it is nothing else but a PR campaign for customers attraction. Choose a company, register and begin to increase your deposit.

2. Affiliate programs. Today, “affiliate program” is one of the most popular way to make money on forex without investments. The fact is that you cooperate with the brokerage companies by attracting new customers for them, and as soon as the invited trader starts working on Forex, you begin to receive your honestly earned money. In this case, your income does not depend on whether the trader had profitable deal or made a losing one. Referral Partner Program can be fixed as well as percentage. If you have a website or blog, this type of income is for you. We can make a deposit from the customers’ money and actually trade on Forex without investment. There are many advantages of this method, the main thing – you risk nothing, while accumulating funds for the initial deposit. In fact, this method can be referred to the independent type of earnings.

3. Contests. Many brokers regularly hold open contests for everyone on demo and real accounts. As in other forms of competition, the nature of the Forex competition appears as banally simple – get ahead of the other participants in trading, increase your income on a virtual account in several times within the shortest period of time and at the end receive money on a real account as an award. Thus, as competition participant you can start your forex trading without any investment. Apart to the rewards trader in practice feels a speed of the trading and an excitement that he needs to cope.

4. Flooding on the forums for money. MT5 forum seems to be the leader in this field. InstaForex, the main sponsor of MT5 forum, offers 30 cents per message – it is not so little for a young account.

5. You may choose an education in School of Investors and Managers.

Some brokers provide funds in order to enable us to invest those funds in the PAMM accounts of the company or trade on its accounts. The sum provided by the broker, as a rule, increases from stage to stage. Thus, companies are encouraging the emergence of the new traders and investors. Here I want to tell you about my learning experience in the Pantheon Finance Company. I cannot predict how long their service will be actual in the future, but among a huge number of brokers, you can always find similar proposals.

The school of investors. After registering on ProCapital forum, you should send the participant’ application for the projects. The first stage takes place on the demo accounts. The investors must to invest in the PAMM accounts of the company, write reports on a forum and within four weeks to show a return above 4% and only then move to the next stage. On the second stage, you receive 1000 USD investment for 90 days. Diversify it among the PAMM accounts of Forex Trend and Pantheon Finance companies, write reports on the forum and make a profit. For the three months of training, I was able to earn more than 200 USD.

The school of managers. Register on ProCapital forum, leave application for the principal of the school. In case you are accepted start to trade during the first month on a demo account, write reports of transactions to the forum, show monthly returns of more than 10% and move to the next stage. The company opens for you a PAMM account and gives you in control 600 USD. Trade with real money, get real profit and attract investors thanks to your successful trading history. Continue to write reports on the forum. You can withdraw profits almost immediately.

Summarizing, trading on Forex without investment is quite real, but it is hardly possible you will be able to earn an impressive funds on it. It is a reckless hope to earn a lot of money out of nothing. Eventually you have to replenish deposit of your own money or attract the external investments. However, in any case, such activity will help you to be acquainted with the practical side of trading and significantly to increase your knowledge about forex.

In addition, there are a dozen affordable ways to start trading on Forex with minimal investment.

Earn money forex without investment

Still have a question? Ask your own!

Yes! While trading Forex without any investment won’t get you major amounts of money, it is a great way to start out in this field and earn some profit where you can. Here are three ways you can trade Forex without investing your own money:

Through a Broker - Some brokers will allow you to open a no-deposit account with them. What this means is they give you a small amount of money (that you can’t withdraw) to start trading with. How you can turn this into a profit is by trading this initial deposit successfully. When you win, the broker lets you withdraw this money which you can, in turn, reinvest to get bigger payoffs.

Entering Contests - Oftentimes brokers will give out a demo or real accounts if you can prove to them you will be successful and it is worth their money to invest in you. You do this by entering in a competition with a virtual account, and if you are able to prove with this “trial” that you are turning a profit through your trading, they will reward you with a real account and real money to invest with.

Joining Affiliate Programs - With this method, you take part in a company that is attracting new clients to their brokerage services. Thus, you make money by bringing in new clients who want to trade in Forex. Depending on the terms of this particular business, you may be able to make money regardless of whether your clients are successful or not. If you find success with this method, you may consider becoming a broker or consultant where you can connect sellers and buyers, as well as give advice to clients for a fee.

Before entering the Forex trading world where you might lose some hard-earned money, utilizing these methods to get your foot in the door enables you to learn about this market and gain real experience in a low-risk environment.

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The answer is yes! you can actually make money trading forex without any investment save your time.

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Follow this steps

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2nd Step: Accept the terms of agreement, account opening form will appear

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4th Step: Make sure that: 1) you are choosing "Swap-Free" account. 2) You are choosing 1:1000 as your leverage 3) Affiliate code of the company is written in the affiliate code "portalforum" . This is very much necessary because if there is nothing in affiliate code, you will not be able to withdraw your bonus to your trading account. It is the condition to receive bonus in your trading account. If you have doubts about this rule, then you can visit the rules page of MT5 where it is clearly mentioned. Step 3 — Postimage.org

5th Step: Complete all the necessary steps to register your account. Verify your account by submitting your required documents. Bonus will be transferred only to verified accounts. This rule is to prevent people from abusing their system

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