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How to Create a "Trading Edge": Know the Strong and the Weak Currencies

by Richard Krivo

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In our live Trading Webinars we often refer to finding out which currencies are the strongest and which are the weakest. By making that determination we can pair the currencies so that we have a strong versus a weak or a weak versus a strong. By doing that we are creating a “trading edge” for ourselves. If we trade a currency pair in which both currencies are fairly equal in strength, we give up the edge because either currency can “take control” since they are of equal strength.

By matching up a strong with a weak, however, we can have a bit more confidence in knowing the direction of the likely move. Then, if we match the direction of that potential move with the direction of the trend on the Daily chart, we have a clear trading edge.

For example, currently the USDCHF pair is in a downtrend on the Daily chart. Based on a strong/weak analysis we see that the USD is weak and the CHF is strong. So selling that pair in the direction of the Daily trend is a higher probability trade.

Briefly, here is how I go about doing a strong/weak analysis…

I use a 4 hour chart with a 200 SMA on it. On a sheet of paper, a legal pad or an Excel spreadsheet, I list the currencies (not the pairs but the currencies themselves) in a vertical column. For example, EUR, USD, CHF, etc.

Now, let’s say the pair in question on the 4 hour chart is the EURUSD. If it is trading above the 200 SMA that means that the EUR is stronger than the USD at that point in time. I make a note of that next to the EUR and the USD in the vertical column…EUR gets an up arrow and the USD gets a down arrow. Then I go to the next currency and go through the same process. (All in all I bring up about 25 pairs on the charts each day before the open of the New York session and it takes less than 15 minutes.)

When I am done with the above process, I tally all the “up arrows ” and “down arrows” for the EUR against the other currencies and then I can tell where the EUR ranks strength-wise relative to each of them. For example, if the EUR has 5 up arrows and 2 down arrows and the JPY has 3 up arrows and 4 down arrows, that means that the EUR, overall, is stronger than the JPY. (It doesn’t get much more simple than that!) When I have all the currencies in which I am interested evaluated in this way, I then have an overview of how they all relate to each other based on strength/weakness.

Next, I match the strongest with the weakest and go to the charts and look for a technical reason, such as a break of support or resistance, to enter the trade in the direction of the trend. A pair that has a strong currency paired against a weak currency would be a candidate for a buy in a Daily uptrend. On the other hand, a weak paired against a strong would be a candidate for a sell in a Daily downtrend.

As far as the pairs that I personally look at, I run this analysis on all combinations of the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, NZD, CHF and CAD.

The process is very basic, straightforward and quite boring …b ut it works.

As a side benefit, while I am going through the process of checking the 4 hour chart on each pair, I really get a sense for what is going on in the market at the time. And that information serves me well as the trading day progresses.

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My phone keeps going back and forth between edge and 3G an I need it to stick to 3G only. It's driving me crazy. Please help.

I foun some info for you man, I hope it helps:

For many people there are times we have to simply deal with the annoyance of switching from 3G to Edge almost daily (more unlucky users may switch many times a day). This is a fact of life for me, as I make a 160 mile round trip commute every day. Inevitably I will switch from 3G to Edge at least 3 times on my trip, which of course renders my apps nearly useless, especially high data use apps like Pandora or Sirius XM?. I found myself asking “why didn’t Apple include a setting to turn off one network or another like every other cell phone since digital phones came to market??” (This question has yet to be answered…)

All of the areas I drive through are covered by 3G (metro Houston area), and there is no reason that my phone could not stay in 3G. After some determination & google searching I have finally found a solution. (Note that I tried the “Edge” button in SBSettings, however it simply turns off ALL data, including 3G. My solution: edit the phone’s files to stop it from ever going to Edge!

What is required for the edit:

- A jailbroken iPhone

- SSH client (such as putty)

- OpenSSH installed on your iPhone (found in Cydia)

- Basic knowledge of command prompt/SSH use

What you will need to do:

- SSH to your phone logging in as “root” (password is usually alpine).

- Navigate to /var/wireless/Library/Preferences/

- Edit the file csidata (I use nano as my editor)

- Find the line that reads “GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection=0?1? & change it to GsmRegistrationModel::fRatSelection=0?2 (For those that need to know, 0?1 = 3G & Edge Data, 0?0 is Edge only, and 0?2 is 3G only)

- Save the file & reboot your phone!

Your iPhone 4 will now ONLY use the 3G network. Note, this will NOT allow you to use your data service if you are in an Edge only area (yes, they do still exist). I should also note that the entire process will need to be redone if you accidentally use SBSettings to turn your data settings on or off.

No more losing your music on Pandora or interrupting those torrents from downloading!

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