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Binary options Alpari

Known to the broker Alpari, in addition to the usual tools for Forex trader, introduced Alpari options, and binary (BO). Binaries are different from the usual options so that a trader can clearly define profit and loss rate. Also the trader to profit, enough to make a correct forecast of sign changes of quotations for a certain period, even 1 percent. Profit will be lower than with a stronger movement, but we will get profit. Although there are options that clearly specify the conditions result (quotation) - for example, One Touch (ОneТouch), when the price or comes (touches) a particular level, or not.

Below we describe the features of binary options Alpari.

Trading conditions

Binary options Alpari allow the trader to place bets predicting changes in the rates of currency pairs or liquid goods (for example, gold or silver), with a Deposit of only 5$. Profit may amount to 100% or less of the amount of the bet. And it is just a few minutes!

In fact, an option is a contract that is concluded between a broker Alpari and trader. In case of an accurate forecast of the trader receives some profits, expressed in percentage of the size of the initial bet. If the forecast did not come true, with losses of only value bets.

BO is a good choice for a beginner trader, because the terms of the deal maximally transparent. The trader will always know exactly the amount of profit or loss. You can get back up to 20% of the invested funds even if our forecast was wrong.

How does it work? Choosing an underlying asset (for example, EUR/USD pair or silver), we do forecast to rise the price of the asset or fall. If the growth - buy (Call), if fall - sell (Put). Expiration time is the time when expires period of validity of the contract (option).

For trading with real money need to be registered in the company Alpari and, of course, the positive balance on the account. Account, enter the platform OptionTrader - and you can start trading options!

The minimum bet is just 5$, the maximum of 1000$. The maximum possible profit - up to 100% of the rate. Unfortunately you can't work with auto trading robot.

Types of binary options Alpari

Alpari offers us 4 types of BO: High/Low, Quick Options, One Тouch Range and High/Low.

Consider in more detail the characteristics of each of them.

1. High/Low (Above/Below).
Determine what will be the price of the asset at the time of expiration is above the current price (select Call) or below (Put). If our forecast is correct, we can get an income up to 100% of the amount invested.

2. Quick Options (Quick Options).
Often used for short-term trading, i.e. fast profit. Similar High/Low, but the term of execution of the given kind of BO is just a couple of minutes. Profit from betting - up to 100%!

3. One Тouch (One-Touch).
The trader makes a prediction will affect whether the price of an asset for one of the suggested levels, rising (Call) or falling (Put). If the projected level is reached, we get to 100% of the profits from betting.

4. Range High/Low (Range Above/Below).
Range - this flat. Choose one of the ranges for the current price of the asset is higher than its level (Call) or below (Put). On the screen will be highlighted range from the current price to the selected level. If at the moment of the expiration of the market price would be in this range, the trader receives up to 100% of the amount of the bet.

Assets for BO

Trades on currency pairs are produced around the clock (00:00 Monday - 00:00 on Saturday). The spread, other operating costs and Deposit - no.

You can trade the following currency pairs: USD/JPY, AUD/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/CAD, EUR/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/CAD, GBP/CHF, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, EUR/CHF.

Trade in precious metals is also around the clock, but only until Friday (00:00 Monday - 00:00 on Friday) with a daily break(00:15 - 01:00). When calculating the price quotations are taken into account contracts spot contracts (Spot) gold (Gold) and silver (Silver). Cost of refined metals is expressed in US dollars per Troy ounce.

Binary options Alpari is an attractive option to generate a profit for beginners and experienced traders. As always in trading, we must be careful here and practice. But today, many are already receiving a profit from betting on prices. 4 types of binary options Alpari, a fairly large selection of assets, the minimum bet of$ 5 is a clear advantages broker, which should not be ignored, if you are interested in profit in the financial markets, in particular on the Forex.

We wish success and good forecasts!

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